The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Dang it, I missed something important!

I didn't login to LJ at all this weekend, which means that I forgot these important messages: Happy Belated Birthday to haloisbent and grayscaled! I hope you both had glorious Saturday birthdays, with lots of love and all-around-kindness. And if I can drabble up something for you, please say the word!

I also missed Talk Like A Pirate Day, and all other online fun. Arrrr, me hearties- 'twas not intentional. <{:<

I spent 4 1/2 hours on the roof Sunday (and some time on Saturday), patching what I could until I ran out of tin pieces. We're as rain-ready as I'm willing to get.

Saturday was Christopher's soccer game (a bye-week for Lauren), the library, the laundry, and cleaning up stuff to donate to Goodwill. Our family movie was A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Lauren's request. I love the books, so I'd avoided the movie). I thought they actually did a pretty good job forming a movie out of the first three books, but the mixture of American voices and modern phrases and things like automobiles with car alarms (*cringes*) in a story clearly set in older Britain grated on me. Old-fashioned clothes, and plastic soda cups with straws, do not belong in the same movie. Nor do American voices and British courtroom periwigs. The final credits, though? Awesome artwork in those. They were mesmerizing. I also wound up with the theme song from the fake "The Littlest Elf" movie stuck in my head (Chim-chimaree-chim, in the forest we play, with rabits all daaaay...).

I'd checked out some free movies from the library, so the grownups tried to watch Mama Mia (and gave up-- god the screaming, the stupidity) and August Rush. The latter movie had huge amounts of improbability (no-one learns to play a guitar or read music instantaneously), but it was kind of charming and had a good cast. Robin Williams as ScaryFakeDaddy was especially chilling.

There was another version of him on Lone Star last night (I gave that a try), played by David Keith, except that was ScaryRealDaddy. Not sure if that show has staying power (HSH's vote is "No").

Aaaaand I slept through most of the premiere of Castle, and couldn't revive enough to do any writing on my Last Author Standing story. Going down to the line on it (due tomorrow). In general, I'm still not getting any real writing done on the weekends. I'm either doing too much house/yard work, or (evenings) I fall asleep too early. So I VILL finish at least the LAS thing tonight. :0

Good weekend, everyone?

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