The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Drabble Meme

I promised witchofthedogs that I'd pay this forward, so here goes.

The first 10 responders (yes-- even those passing by) may have a drabble of their choice. I will do any of the following fandoms (and I'll stretch myself a little here): Prison Break, Supernatural, House, Lost, Buffy, 24, L&0 SVU, ST DS9 (if it's Garak/Bashir), Smallville (!), John Doe, Nowhere Man (yeah, yeah-- dead, but I loved it), Millenium (ditto).

Oy. What have I gotten myself into?

Pick your show, any pairings, a directive of type if you're looking for slash/gen etc., and a one-word prompt.

I'll try for strict 100-word drabbles, but we'll see what comes out! :D Thanks for playing!

UPDATE: Crappity! I wrote Smidgy's already, but forgot the damn prompt! Augh! So if you don't have a prompt... that might be good, because apparently I'm stupid like that. :0 *groan* My muse apparently vaccilates between "whiplash" and "who are you again?"

Update Deux: The drabbles, they are finished...

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