The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In May, June, July, and August

I, um, didn't realize it had really been that long. *koff* Well, let's get to it...

Lots of randomness, thanks to schmoop_bingo (must write more!) and the Burning Cuticles challenge.

Supernatural Gen:
Endless Highways (PG) - (post-Apocalyptic AU poem) - Where the universe is infinite, the end is never definite.
That Old Familiar Magic (PG) (for schmoop_bingo) - When Sam's not feeling good, Dean actually takes pretty good care of him.
Whiskey, Tango... Foxtrot? (PG) (3x06 ficlet) - Sam has mad skillz that Dean has never even dreamed of.

Sights Of Wickedness And Wonder (PG) (S5 Missouri drabble) - Knowledge without context or power can be much more brutal than ignorance.
Reject Your Elders (PG) (S4 humor drabble) - It was possible that Dean might've had some issues with old people…
This Tangled Web (PG) (early S5) - Sam always remembered the biggest lies…
You Live, You Learn (PG) (Pre-Series Dean, angsty) - Life is a classroom, and not all lessons are kind.
Too Good To Pass Up (PG) - There's a fine line between crazy and inspired.
The Bumps Along The Way (G) (Pre-Series WeeChesters) - Big brothers can't protect you from everything.
He Ain't Heavy (PG) - Piggyback rides and little brothers who aren't

Supernatural Slash:
Hazy And Unhurried (PG-13) - Sleepy early-morning sex, with a touch of schmoop.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Flirting With Disaster (PG-13) (Sara, Sara/Kellerman) - Sara tells herself that nothing would ever have happened between them…
Holding Reality At Bay (PG) (Pre-Series to S1) - At first, the words were always true.
Seeking Answers In The Midnight Sky (PG) (S1) - For Michael, the night is a desperate time of new planning and self-doubt.

Prison Break Slash:
Palm Trees And Peppermint Promises (PG) (for schmoop_bingo) - Michael plans the perfect first Christmas for Lincoln in their new home, but reality isn't paying attention.

Winnie The Pooh Crack: Pooh And The Poltergeist (G) - Exactly what it sounds like...
White Collar Gen: A Conspiracy Of Comfort (PG)(PG) (early S2, Mozzie & Neal) - If friendship is an art, then Mozzie is its Michelangelo...
White Collar Gen: Of His Own Making (PG) (early S2 Neal Angst) - Kate is gone, and there are no second chances left.
Burn Notice Het: Imperfect Calibrations (Michael/Fi, PG) - It always ends in separation, but it always starts up all over again.
Burn Notice: Another Man's Castle (PG) (early S4) - Sam raises some obvious questions about Michael's living arrangements.
Iron Man Gen: The Tautology Of Tangential Transformation (PG) - After Afghanistan, it wasn't just Stark Industries' identity that began changing.
Iron Man Slash: Shopping For Spiderman's Son (PG) (for schmoop_bingo) - Tony and Rhodey go shopping and find themselves in utterly unknown territory.
Glee: Get Offa My Cloud (PG) (Sue-Centric Humor) - Another day, another would-be victim trying to throw herself under a bus…
Die Hard 4 Slash: Reeling (PG) - John McClane can be overwhelming, but everyone has to learn that for himself.
Die Hard 4, Gen or Pre-Slash: Technically, No Was Never An Option (PG-13) - If this constituted a 'favor,' John McClane was the damn Easter Bunny...

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