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Random spewage

I'm doing the Envy Meme because, well, why not? If you have thoughts, plz visit and comment (anonymously if you wish).

30-mile-bike-ride yesterday. Whoo-hoo! And no bee stings. This ride was set aside as an "adventure," meaning I'm looking to ride someplace new and we'll see how it works out. Well then... the conclusion (NOT for the first time, BTW) is this: if a road is paved, paved, DIRT then the dirt portion should not, in my opinion, have a freakin' NAME on Mapquest/Yahoo-maps. Same for a gravel road-- for heaven's sake, it should not have the same legend as a paved road. Just sayin'.

So... my adventure resulted in no new bike routes, BUT I did see an emu (scary, ratty-looking birds) and a bunch of Brahma bulls (freaks of nature). :D

I have Montana and Oregon cornered for spn_50states, and the research will begin soon. This will likely force me to write actual SPN plot, and you know how that goes.

Fic page should be re-organized soon, and I'll be poking clex_monkie89 for the Prison Break pages (Clex, I will probably set aside some specific ones for the slash, if you haven't done that already). I think that fic page has close to 100 entries, and ork-- time to split into 4 subgroups. Thank goodness for semagic, and for talented friends who are good w/the graphics. ;)
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