The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Welcome To My Hell...

So, the Saturday soccer seeding tournament wasn't TOO bad. I went to Lauren's, and it was looong (9-3:30), but at least the weather was relatively cool. Her team didn't do very well-- lots of girls (like her) haven't played in years, and they're mostly playing like a cluster of random individuals instead of a team.

Sunday I went running and finished (as opposed to last weekend's crapfest of about 2 blocks of running). Did some home paperwork, some yardwork, and then we were off to have dinner with friends before I could straighten out the nagging Tax issue on my todo list. We drifted away from seeing these friends (love the parents) a few years after they had their second child, who has a very thorny personality. She's 7 now, still thorny (no longer tantrum-prone), but we need to make the effort so we don't lose touch.

We babysat a guest kitten a few weeks ago, which was a chore. It was a very sweet kitten, but I spent the entire first weekend saying "No" to it (like having a toddler all over again). The kids were gone most of that time, which was bad luck for everyone. It was a relief when its family got back in town.

Now... we have a guest bunny, and I'm afraid to go into the laundry room. Our own dwarf bunny is already back there, and he needs lots of head-pets as it is. We've had him for 1 1/2 years, and he is caught between "Need head-pets now!" and "OMG, today is the day they'll finally eat me!" *sigh* He's terrified of being picked up or held, and yet he wants to be petted. I can go into the kitchen in the morning and open the fridge, and in the next room I'll hear the "*kapung!*" of him jumping across his cage followed by him biting his cage at me. He can't even see me, and he still knows it's me and he wants me to come pet his head. The guest bunny is calmer, but wants head-pets just as much. The laundry room is like a minefield of "Pet me!" "No, MEEEEE!" "ME! ME! ME!11!"

Last night, I was trying to write some overdue fic in the living room, and I could hear cage-biting and kapunging and nervous-water-bottle-rattling to beat the band. AAAAAAUUUGH!

So I got only a smidgeon of writing done before I was torpedoed again by sgnnnxOORZZzzzz, which is pretty much how the whole past week has gone.

Everyone still okay? I missed sorrelchestnut's birthday, but I hope it was good. I did catch up with beascarpetta offline, who also birthdayed last week. :)

Tags: me, my_kids, our animals make me nuts

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