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It are what it are...

I had to drop out of the Bleeding Cuticles writing challenge. It was regularly keeping me up until 2-2:30am, and not only was I short on sleep but also packing on weight. Bleh! But I got 10 stories out of it I wouldn't have otherwise written, and started another that I hope to finish soon. It's impossible to find any time to work on WIP stories when you have to put a 100-word-minimum story out every day!

We had Lauren's 13th birthday party last weekend, which went really well (and no sleepover, thank god). Christopher's is next weekend. *fingers crossed*

Christopher got unexpectedly invited to a birthday sleepover party on Sunday, and certain aspects of the event make me wonder why some parents have no sense. The boys stayed up all night, keeping themselves awake by jumping in the pool (!). The father had planned for The Hurt Locker to be the movie entertainment for the evening, until he realized that the other boys' parents would probably kill him. This is a group of 11-year-olds! So they wound up watching some other PG-13 movie instead, because he let them vote on a set of movies that included PG-13 choices. Grrrrr...

In my recent biking adventures, I've spotted the escapee swan a few more times, and yesterday I saw a baby bunny hanging out with some squirrels. That was cute! There are also some white pigeons in one area that are probably left over from a wedding, and they are either really stupid (I can't remember where home is...) or really smart (The hell with bird coops—I'm living large!).

I stayed up too late last night reading, because I've gotten hooked on Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. HalfshellHusband didn't like it much (probably wanted fewer zombies and more Austen), but I think it's cracktastic. \o/

Speaking of HalfshellHusband... once you've been through cancer, the worry never quite goes away. His oncologist said he was pleased with the MRI results, but I read them, and it appears that the technician didn't MRI the entire affected area and there are some weasel words about bone abnormality that concern me. Also, HSH thinks he feels a mass in the male version of 'breast tissue' on one side of his chest, and that scares me to death (his cancer was lymphoma). He sees the oncologist again tomorrow, and he'll follow up on those issues. But god, why won't the scariness go away? :(

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