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Prison Break Gen Fiction: "Holding Reality At Bay" (Lincoln, Michael, PG)

Title: Holding Reality At Bay
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Lincoln, Michael (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: At first, the words were always true.
Author's Notes: For Day 10 of the Bleeding Cuticles Roadkill Challenge.
Also for prisonbreak100 ("Deny") and writers_choice ("Truth").


At first, it was the truth: "Mom's just a little sick."

Lincoln helped Michael get off to school, and handled homework time and dinner if he had to. Weeks later, he was still telling himself the same story he'd told Michael, hoping it would all change back and Mom would stop spending so much time throwing up.

"It's not so bad," Lincoln said on the day they walked into the Children's Home with nothing more than the garbage bags that held their few belongings. They weren't together long—Michael was fostered out to a psycho, while Lincoln stayed behind and got into fights nearly every day. By the time Michael came back, he was quieter than ever. Lincoln had grown steelier, and with the change in Michael he became angrier as well.

"It's only once in a while." That was how it started—drinking beer with friends from high school, smoking a joint on the weekends. Somehow things picked up, and Lincoln found himself getting high more and more often, day and night. He started to steal and borrow to support his habit, and it still seemed easier than going through the actual experience of living his life.

"You can't save me, Michael. Let it go—I've made my peace with it."

The words were true, hard as it was for Lincoln to say them.

He'd stick by them to the end, no matter how much he wished Michael could somehow prove them wrong.

-------- fin --------

Tags: bleeding_cuticles, ml_gen, my_fic, pb_gen, prisonbreak100

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