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There wasn't much writing last weekend (typical, nowadays). After 3 weekends away, I was forced to confront the runaway yard. Lots of weeding, pruning (yes, it's a 4-season activity!), and tidying in preparation for Sunday company.

Saturday night HalfshellHusband and I saw Salt, since Iron Man 2 wasn't showing at a good time. 'Salt' was entertaining, even if you could see the ending coming a mile away. HSH thinks Angelina Jolie looks too much like a model for these action roles (though that's how she got her start, really), and I think she's too scrawny. She needs at least 10 more pounds to look like she has any believable strength or stamina. True last summer (Wanted), still true now.

Sunday, we had a friend and her son over, old acquaintances from Christopher's preschool days. The mother's job is about to be outsourced overseas, though fortunately she's eligible for long-term disability and needs to pull back from full-time work anyway. *sigh* I want better health and peace of mind for her—a new kidney, and the ability to not have to worry about the "what ifs" that plague any parent (but single parents most of all). :(

If you haven't signed an organ donor card yet for your state/province/country, please consider doing so, and please spread the word among friends and acquaintances. /PSA

Afterward, we got the kids ready for camp, which is always MUCH more work than I anticipate. They left on Monday for two different camps (overlapping them was the only way I could get control of our summer schedule). It's nice having some quiet to ourselves, though I'm spending too much of it doing online birthday shopping and planning their parties (both in August).

Which means I have this to share with you, courtesy of Christopher's LEGO interests: Mutant Shark Warrior (independent of playset context, this guy is awesome), Manta Warrior (ditto), Squid Warrior (at the bottom of this $100 playset, and he canNOT be bought separately, which hacks me off), and (seriously) random zombie minifigure with turkey drumstick and attack shovel! \o/

And before you ask, yes, I've been looking at the pirate playsets. They're not on Christopher's birthday list, but they're pirate LEGOs. Need I say more?

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