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Checking in mid-vacation to again offer birthday drabbles to the July ladies who have had their birthdays already or will be having them while I'm offline and out of touch:
laser_radiation, fhionnuiscetine, leighm, thelana, trueshellz, esorlehcar, erinrua, and jasmasson. And don't think I don't know that Ruth and Deirdre are just waiting to domino in at the end, either!

Don't be shy—birthday drabbles are about the only SPN drabbles I seem to be writing these days, and random-fandoms are welcome too.

The vacation has been good so far. Portland was glorious, with mornings in the 58-63o range (perfect for running) and afternoons topping out in the mid- to upper-70s. I hit a high of 4 runs in 5 days, which my feet didn't enjoy, BUT three of them were at Tryon Creek. That's some of my best running all year, so I try to make the most of it.

We're back in Eugene now with my parents (and the stolen, low-strength wireless). It's really hard to roust my parents out of the house at all, so the kids and I went miniature-golfing today (HalfshellHusband didn't sleep last night, so he was wrecked today). Tomorrow, there may be another trip to the Lively Swim Center so the kids can play there. Lauren is agitating to visit the Eugene "Voodoo Donuts" (as if the Portland one wasn't deadly enough!), but there's been a lot of sugar on this trip already (as usual). Eugene will be nearing 95-degrees the next couple of days, which means it's probably 100+ in Sacramento. Yark. I hope the plants all survived.

Hope everyone is having a good time, and semi-behaving. Funny how I have even less "me" time on vacation than at home— and my available writing time is STILL about post-10:30pm to 11:00pm. Note the apres-midnight timestamp. o_O

ETA: Criminy. I posted this late Friday night, and Saturday my Dad's neighbor shut down their wireless mid-morning and left for the weekend. I spent all day checking for a signal because HSH had a prescription that needed renewing, but nada. Though as it happens, I got no writing done on the 8-hour trip back home because HSH was too sleepy to drive for long.

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