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Memeage, Birthday Greetings, and More

I couldn't resist this meme. This result is based on the opening section of Mapping The Tides (Sam/Dean, S2, Wincest), which is one of my best stories:

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Oddly enough, the only book I've ever read by David Foster Wallace is The Broom Of The System, which I bought in college and still have, because I still like it.

Just for grins, I tried the openings of a few ton of other stories, in different fandoms and genres. ;)

  • SPN Wincest: Of Galleons And Ghosties (SPN, Wincest Pirate AU) - Robert Louis Stevenson I don't think they tried very hard on that one. Probably flagged down "treasure chest" or "grog" or "buccaneering" and ran with that.

  • SPN Gen: Beneath The Silence (Dean Angst) - Stephen King. Huh? And that's one of my cleanest, most spartan pieces. :0

  • SPN Gen: Down That Lonesome Road (Dean Angst) - David Foster Wallace. Hmmmm...

  • SPN Gen: We Were Soldiers Once (An S1 ode to the Winchesters) - Mario Puzo. The FUCK? That story is more poetry than prose. ?!?

  • SPN/Reaper Xover Gen Crack: Diabolical Conversations (The Reaper Devil, Azazel, Crossover) - David Foster Wallace. Apparently, even my crack has a style.

  • SPN Wincest: How The World Comes Down To You (Dean/Sam, Porn) - Vladimir Nabokov. Well, this one's very sensual. I'm guessing that's why the Nabokov.

  • SPN Dark Wincest Drabble: Leaving Marks (Sam/Dean, PG-13) - J.D. Salinger. The porn above didn't phase the analyzer, and neither did this drabble.

  • SPN Wincest: If I Would You When (Sam/Dean, R) - Stephen King. You know, I wasn't expecting King for surrealism, of all things. *scratches head*

  • SPN Gen: Whispers From The Edge Of Sleep (S1, Sam, Dean, PG) - David Foster Wallace. This story is slightly less surreal than the one above, but then again... there's a Jello dream. *still puzzled*

  • Prison Break Gen: Love Is A Lecture (Lincoln Jr., S1) - Dan Brown. Not at all familiar with his writing, but this story isn't much like my usual writing, so... whatever.

  • Prison Break Gen: Into That Good Night (Lincoln, S1 Angst) - David Foster Wallace. Tried this one because it's a fan favorite. I'm sensing a pattern here...

  • Prison Break Gen: Parables Written In Blood (T-Bag, Pre-Series) - David Foster Wallace. Damnit! Seriously? This is a really good story that no-one reads (it's not that dark, honestly), but based on the opening I was expecting something more Southern Gothic. Where's that Stephen King badge now, huh?

  • Prison Break Crack: SONA, Arma, Muerto, Loco (Early S3 as Crack, PG-13) - David Foster Wallace. HOW? I think the prose-analyzer is stuck...

  • Prison Break Slash Erotica: Like Silk And Satin (Michael/Lincoln Post-escape AU, NC-17) - David Foster Wallace. Lies. LIES!

  • Terminator SCC Gen: The World Is Burning (S2 Finale, Sarah, PG) - Jane Austen? Huh. Well, we have "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," and "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters" now. Clearly, it's time for robots! \o/

  • Pushing Daisies Gen: New Seasons To Call Home Again (Chuck, PG) - Chuck Palahniuk. No idea who that is, but I picked this story because it's the same style as the show, and I wanted to see where the show's narrative registered.

  • The True Meaning Of Smekday: Even Fugitives Have To Stop And Catch Their Breath - Apparently Adam Rex writes like Robert Louis Stevenson, because this story is entirely in the style of Rex's book.

  • Hurt Locker Gen: Lethal Games (Sanborn, James, PG-13) - Dan Brown. Wish I knew what that meant...

  • Iron Man Gen: Revived, Rebuilt, Reborn (Tony, PG) - Kurt Vonnegut. Hrm.

  • Fringe/House/Die Hard 4 Xover Crack: Of Alpha Males And Also-Rans (Walter, House, John McClane, PG) - Kurt Vonnegut. Wait. The Iron Man one is dramatic, and this one is crack. I'm confused...

  • David Foster Wallace was definitely a recurring theme, though there was some variety (and some unexpected authors). I had to cut myself off, because clearly I could play with that thing all day!


    We're heading up north to Oregon, where my Dad's house is entirely offline. That means that in addition to being late for laser_radiation, fhionnuiscetine, and lindam's birthdays, I'll also be missing birthdays for lady_shain, thelana trueshellz, and esorlehcar. :( This is almost an exact copy of last year, because we were gone at exactly the same time then (which is also pre-blackberry season in Eugene, and I'm trying to refrain from grumbling about that, but still). I hope all of you have had or will have wonderful birthdays, and if you'd like a drabblish gift please leave me prompts/etc. in the comments! *cakes*

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