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Another drive-by...

How can it be Thursday already? Must have something to do with spending last weekend either at BBQ/fireworks, or doing massive outdoor cleaning. Let's just say that the shop vac and I saw a lot of each other, and that SOME areas of the garage/garden are now spider- and web-free. It's a constant freakin' battle, I tell you.

We used to have people over quite a bit for BBQ and swimming, but we've really fallen off since the year HalfshellHusband went on disability for depression- and lost some friends too, sadly. Last year we mustered up one event, plus had one of Christopher's friends and his mom over. This weekend was our first attempt for the year (thanks to the eternal winter). Normally we do the massive cleanup on Memorial Day Weekend, but this year we were in Hawaii and had no incentive beforehand (weekly returns to 63o weather mean that no-one's going to be using the pool/outdoors for a LONG time). Now things are much tidier, and I've cleared out a bunch of stuff from the breezeway. Plus, we and our guests had a great time, so yay!

We're going camping this weekend, but only for one night (could not get reservations for two). Kind of too bad, because the amount of work is about the same, but the kids thought one night was better than not doing it at all (I agree). Then the weekend after, we drive up to Oregon for our yearly vacation, so I won't be getting anything done the next 3 weekends. I could pretend that has something to do with the way last weekend disappeared. But really, the truth is that I start with certain goals in mind, then get confronted with something like "Holy s**t, the garage is filthy and I haven't de-spidered in a year!" and then the burst-compulsion takes over. The next thing you know, it's 5 hours later and you've only covered half the garage and some of the other cleaning!

We're catching up on TV series on DVD (and starting new ones). We're a few episodes into Burn Notice, we've started S2 of Psych (which seems MUCH funnier and snarkier than S1-- someone really turned up the dial), and we're watching S2 of My Name Is Earl. We've also started Life, since we only watched that sporadically when it was on for real but always liked it. Also, S5 of The Closer just became available, so we're watching that too. There might be a few too many balls in the air right now, but at least the quality is good.

So, how is everyone doing? I really need to invest some time in getting caught up on my f-list so I can see your news (those of you not on vacation yourselves).

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