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Supernatural "There and Back Again" Gen Drabbles

Title: Turn and Return
Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Sam and Dean (Gen, Drabbles)
Rating: PG
Summary: 4x100 Drabbles for supernatural100’s “There and Back Again” challenge. These are in no particular order.


Once Was Lost (Dean, “Faith”)
The current jittered, nearly paralyzing him, but Dean hung tight until the creature was dead. The children were safe. That almost made up for how damned tired he suddenly felt.

His vision was fuzzy, turning black as the cellar faded from view. A warm breeze swept through, clean and soothing now in the yellow-orange light of midday. Barely remembered feelings surfaced— childhood adventures with promise-filled afternoons ahead. It was carefree and perfect; Dean laughed in sudden joy.

When voices broke through, his Paradise faded. In a gray and hopeless room, the grace of machines helped his heart stutter on.

Impermanence (Sam)
Sam had no trouble settling into college. He’d had a roommate all his life, and he knew how to live on almost nothing. People took to him, professors liked him. It was everything he’d loved about school, without the threat of running off overnight.

He’d missed Dean, and sometimes Dad. But getting deep inside homework, keggers and coffeeshops was like living in heavenly bliss. And he’d loved—so openly and unreservedly. It was every fairytale he’d ever read.

It haunts him now, back on the road with Dean again. College was a fable that might have happened… but didn’t last.

The Illusion of Home (Dean)
Dean was five when they left Lawrence. John struggled with work and a place to live while looking for clues to Mary’s death. When he realized the demon was already gone, John packed up the family and began searching.

This town is the cradle of Dean’s childhood. Its muddy creek/Lego fortress/birthday party pieces of time flit through his head in still-shots of happiness.

The child-Dean was laid to rest here with his mother, and a warrior rose in his stead. Standing before that house—its legacy of lost-innocence— the child is reborn now in the silence of a frightened heart.

Inescapable (Sam)
Darkness stretches along the highway, broken roars and screams crowding in from all sides. There is nothing tangible here— nothing living, dead, or paranormal— to explain the horrors Sam hears. His view spins, spanning the whole of his surroundings, but no answers are being revealed.

He will lose this one, he knows it— without some hint, he’ll never find it in time to defeat it. He wanders the highway, buffeted by deaths he can sense but not prevent.

Breathless, tired, his legs move bonelessly beneath him.

When Sam awakes to Dean’s questioning eyes, he’s still trapped inside Nightmare? Or Vision?

-------- fin --------

Tags: drabbles, my_fic, sn_gen

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