The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Ow, My Back!

My lower back has been semi locked-up since Sunday, and as soon as I lost the neck cramp last week a persistent pain around the left/back side of my lower ribs appeared. Still there. I've had one good night's sleep in the last ten days, thanks to the various aches & pains. :(

See the icon? I don't use him much because he's as crabby as he is cute. But today, he sort of fits.

Except... Weeeeesta! It's weesta's birthday today, and I kind of wish school were still in session so your kids could spoil you, but I hope you're having a glorious birthday doing whatever seems fitting! If you'd like a drabble-present, please let me know. And update us on the cake, too-- virtual cake is the only kind I get until August. :0

Speaking of cake... Christopher's friend's Dad took a major stab at making that Pinball Cake. He did his own version (apparently, he does a lot of baking but not so much the birthday cakes) and I think it turned out really well. HSH says the man is his hero. :D

Because of incredible windiness on Friday and Saturday, I biked on Sunday and Monday. I try to avoid the bikepath on the weekends (too crowded), but it couldn't be helped. Haven't seen the escapee swan in weeks, but I think it's because the weeds are at max height now, and obscuring my view of the river (I'd have to get off the path to check).

I've been in kind of a funk since that ride, though. Remember my mentioning a family friend that seemed to have gotten angry at us a couple of years back, and we've never known why? She suddenly cut us off, and I went far beyond the "benefit of the doubt" on overlooking her failure to return phone calls. You know how it is-- you'll humiliate yourself for friends in a way that you otherwise might not. *sigh* I saw her and her daughter on the bike path Sunday, and said hello and rode with them for a short while. She was polite, but not especially happy to see me. And I'd been pretty certain of that (she didn't even return a phone message a year ago where I mentioned that we missed her, and that HSH had been diagnosed with cancer).

But it sure hurts to be confronted with it firsthand. And I still have no idea what we did that offended her. Her complete lack of interest in HSH's health was chilling, and eventually I'll be at the point where I'm just angry about it instead of also hurt (HSH is such a sweet man, and he doesn't deserve that from anyone). But right now, I'm still at the point where it makes me feel unloveable and worthless. :(

Saturday night we watched another Shaun The Sheep movie, and the extras afterward. It showed how they do the films (! I thought those were real sets, with the claymation superimposed! Damn, but those minatures are good) and instructions on making the pigs. I've told Christopher for ages that the sheep's nostrils mesmerize me, because they look like someone just jabbed them in with toothpicks. When the claymation expert got to the pigs' nostrils, she turned her chopstick-like tool around and stabbed the holes in, and Christopher went off on a giggle-fit.

Randomly, he brought back some rubber pencil-topper cow from a field-trip last Monday, and now it's in the bathroom, lying helplessly on its back inside its vending machine bubble. All you can see are its round hooves sticking up and an incredibly wide muzzle with... biiiiig nostrils. Cracks me up every time I look at it!

Tags: cycling, me, my_kids
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