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This aardvark walks into a bar...

I think I've discovered self-policing, in the form of laziness. You were all spared a rant yesterday on the outcome of California's Primary Election because I ran out of energy to post. Aren't you glad?

Remember that link I posted the other day to Sweating To The Zombies? (and I don't mean the 60s group) HSH and I watched the news video on that site, and that was the final incentive I needed to sign up for Warrior Dash! I'm a little behind on the running (thanks to the vacation & last Sunday's temperatures), but I plan to go tomorrow in the monster wind, and as I get closer to October I'll be adding in some climbing training for the weirder parts of that event. Whoo!

We finally finished S3 of Chuck. Brandon Routh figured heavily this season, and damn if he isn't incredibly handsome. I was also intrigued by the similarities between Shaw and Chuck, as if Shaw had been where Chuck once was (innocent and good-hearted) and worked his way to something more detached and dangerous. It's those subtle touches I like in writing, so much more than big fat anvils...

Christopher's friend was released from the hospital today, and briefly visited the class. All the kids were incredibly happy to see him (just to have him out of ICU, even). There's been some offline chatter among the parents, because we haven't heard whether his brain tumor was malignant or not, and the adults are still worried about that. No-one wants to ask his mother, who is overwhelmed right now. She's a single parent, and she and the kids had been living with her mother until disagreements forced her to find her own place. HSH and several other people helped her move last Sunday, which was her original moveout date, but you'd think her mom would have cut her some slack. I don't know what went on there, but I can't think of a worse time for it. We're still keeping our fingers crossed for her son, and if you have good thoughts to send his way I'd appreciate it.

In other notes... there's an LJ friend I've had for over a year who's hopped around quite a bit, changing her username and deleting journals and such. A new name showed up on my f-list in the last few days, and I can't tell if that's her or another mutual friend who may have disappeared instead. Neither one of them has me friended at the moment (well, because at least one of them is "gone" right now, too).

What's distressing about this, at least for the person I'm thinking of, is that she's a talented woman with a fresh and interesting take on things, and I've really enjoyed our writing and other discussions. But she's moved around because she feels unsafe expressing herself, namely in that people have re-posted parts of her private (friends-only) entries elsewhere.

I've lost a fascinating online friend, and she's lost a great space to be herself in. And I just don't get the whole "frenemy" thing—none of us is perfect, obviously, but if you're rolling your eyes at things people post or getting hot under the collar (for whatever reason), then if you can't let it go... why not just defriend them? Or (radical thought, I know) just accept that this is an area where you don't see eye-to-eye, and let it pass. Why is that so hard? Where does this urge to hurt people come from? :(

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