The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Back from the gym (so much less interesting than back from Hawaii)...

I woke up with really stiff neck on Friday, and kept thinking the pain would go away (it's on the rear left side). Days (and lost sleep) later, I hunted down the massager, which helped a little, but now it's ratcheting up again. I went on a massive search for some stashed muscle-relaxants last night, but have the sneaking suspicion that I threw them away in the pre-Hawaii housecleaning because they were kind of old. Hah! That's probably why this happened.

Our massager (from Brookstone) is this freaky wandlike thing with a large bulb at the end, and might actually be a Japanese sex toy. It's useless except for the arches of your feet (if you can stand the tickling!), and your neck (where you can even hold it with the opposite hand and not cause cramps/pinched nerves in new places). On other parts of the body (especially if the person running the massager tends to fall asleep, like HalfshellHusband does) it does things like roll off your leg muscles and onto the bed, or roll into the nearest bone and try to sand down the edges. o_O

The stiff neck made the weight machines a little challenging at the gym, but I was careful. I read more of Wired magazine, which so often has the most bizarre articles and snippets, and I love the snarky tone. I already linked the article on Bear-Proof Food Containers (as tested by Betsy the Bear and some random orangutans). Months back, there was a blurb on The Effect of Sams On Box Office Results, and today I read The Best Drugs Based on Venom (no online link—boo!) and Sweating To The Zombies. Seriously, who thinks of these things? They're awesome!

We're caught up on Glee now, and looking forward to tonight's show. Last week's "Funk" episode's best number was the non-funk blues thing Quinn sang (and the recurrences of Beck's "Loser"), and the previous week was all about the costumes and Kurt's Dad for me. Loved Sue's pearls-and-tracksuit combo as her nod to dressing up. Oh, Sue—never change!

We're still behind on Chuck (hope to finish this week), partly from the distraction of watching S1 of Psych courtesy of Netflix. Well, that and the fact that I missed the first 10 minutes of one of the remaining Chuck episodes, and Hulu apparently can't cope with that show at all. It runs multiple, staggered versions of the audio track under the video, which is really freaking annoying. We need to just bite the bullet and watch whatever part of that episode I actually recorded. *sigh* Technology! Often less awesome than you'd expect...

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