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Processing Overload...

I'm still working on the ficlets from last week. I've got research to do for roguebitch's story (yes, really) and the ending isn't done. I've finished Dei's, and will post it up shortly. How did all of these wind up being SPN stories? Though I did limit it to 5, but still... Maybe you all feel like I'm writing everything but SPN these days, considering the blowout in the "Other" category lately. Heck, I've got an Iron Man story that's half-finished from last month...

Our Saturday trip to Six Flags got better, after a rocky start, though it was a bad week overall. HalfshellHusband decided that before he could get authorization for a hip-replacement (which he badly needs) that he'd have to try the morphine (!) that the doctor prescribed and find fault with that solution. Oy. We were worried about the sleepiness side-effect (which definitely happened), but unprepared for the extensive mental fogginess. All of last week resembled when HSH first started shock-treatments and had a lot of them in succession. No short-term memory, lots of confusion and disorientation. He doesn't remember any of it, but it was hell for me scrambling after what he'd forget to do (or forget how to do). He stopped taking the morphine on Friday, but the side-effects bled into Saturday. Much better on Sunday. And then the pain in his hip was back in full force. :(

Mother's Day was rainy, and cozy. We had strawberries and homemade french toast, and then the kids and I broke out the Dragonology game we hadn't tried before. Really neat. Lauren silently connived, and won the whole thing. Christopher came in last, and yet wanted to play again. Other parts of the day were a little tough, with my MIL having passed away in October. I know many of you have lost your mothers, and that the day becomes bittersweet or just sad after that. I thought about many of you on Sunday, knowing that that was probably a difficult day for you.

Late afternoon, there was a break in the rain and I went running while Christopher scootered. We still haven't been able to take the flannel sheets off the bed, OR put away the space heaters. We're going to Yosemite next weekend, which got snow on Monday, but the weather's warming up through the week and it should be clear by then.

Randomness: HSH found me wasabi peas at Safeway, and Christopher and Lauren apparently had a private discussion yesterday about whether those were in fact edible...

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