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Buckets O' Random

See the icon dotfic made for me? *Glee*!! And for this week's episode, I have to say that I love how things eventually migrate toward Sue's benefit. There's a "charmed life" aspect to it, which only reinforces her view of her utter awesomeness. :D

Someone commented on a fic last week with a quote from Futurama that I didn't recognize. I'm so sorry that show moved off of network TV. The episode where Bender goes in search of an electricity high, gets lightning-zapped through the roof of the Church of Robotology and eventually has a dance-number with Beelzebot still ranks as my favorite. Hard to top that!

I still love The Simpsons, where the funniest parts are often the side-jokes that you don't even see coming. The expanding man-corset translating to career stops in the life of William Shatner was priceless! Oddly enough, the character featured in that snippet does not seem to have a name. I searched Wikipedia and (my usual haunts), and came up dry. If msgenevieve passes by, she might know: it's the basement-nerd guy who ran a comic book store for awhile and often starts statements with, "If you had read my blog..."

Yesterday's bike ride in the wind was still less bad than Monday's heat-exhaustion fail. Something I've seen a couple of times lately is a hawk with a smaller bird chasing it. I can't tell if that's a baby learning the ropes from Mama, or some random other bird thinking, "Hey, this looks fun!" Or maybe, "PH3AR M3!!!" ;)

There have been a couple of random defriendings over the last few months, and I'll admit-- I'm as clueless as ever. I don't know whether people are bored with me or angry, but I hope it's not the latter. It's been a long, painful year, and I know that sometimes I've been a pain because of it. For those of you who have stuck with me, I really appreciate it!

Random piece of fun, courtesy of Christopher (and yes, most of you who are more savvy than I have probably already seen it): The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny video. I think I love it all the more because Abe Lincoln really WAS that awesome. \o/

ETA pimplet: Artists are still needed for spn_j2_bigbang stories. Make your claim here!

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