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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What the world needs now...

is a bunch of Sue Sylvester icons with the I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am! quotation on them.

Can't guarantee I'd be brave enough to use one—it'd be kind of like my Ice-T Smackdown icon, which I love but find I more want to use when I'm agreeing with someone about Dumbness Elsewhere, and then I worry that the person might think the smackdown was directed at them. I don't know. I guess I don't tend to get really ranty-pants very often, or very ME-ME-ME-OMG-I'M-AWESOMESAUCE! However, I thought I'd spread the Sue icon idea as a public service. ;)

We finally saw last week's Fringe ("Brown Betty"), which was fascinating. I loved the look of the episode, even with the incongruities such as cell phones and computers (Stoned!Walter apparently doesn't think 8-year-olds require much in the way of historical continuity in story-telling. Or maybe doesn't even realize that he's intermixing!) Olivia just looked gorgeous in that getup (and more slender than usual, which makes me think her regular wardrobe is intended to "bulk her up" a bit). With all the makeup, the resemblance between Anna Torv and the woman who plays her sister was even stronger. Astrid looked wonderful, though I prefer her regular hair, and Lance Reddick in the bluesy getup singing at the piano—be still my heart! I like that Walter's story was an abstraction of the real problem that's worrying him and Olivia, and that all the pain and pathos still came through. Plus, the singing corpses—so wonderfully wrong! All in all, a fascinating and creative episode. \o/

I had a lot of mixed feelings about last night's House, M.D. ("The Choice"), however. I loved the karaoke scene (the cane! The backup singing!). But the show seemed to be talking out of both sides of its mouth on the issue of sexuality.

How is it that Thirteen, who is bisexual, rushes to decide that their patient is GAY rather than bisexual? What, there are no bisexual men? He might have been gay, but who knows for sure? Between the he-said/he-said history with the roommate and the vehemence of the guy's insistence on marrying his fiance, there was no way to tell whether he was gay and in denial, bisexual and in denial, or truly had just the one drunken fling and was so homophobic that he wanted to kill all future possibilities.

I thought it was especially repugnant to have Thirteen being the one to make such sweeping assumptions about him, because that tarnishes her character and it seems unrealistic for a bisexual woman. And I hope to god that when Chase asked when she would "choose" that he meant "choose one person that you intend to settle down with, of either sex" rather than choose to restrict her sexuality to either men or women but not both. Probably not— I've run into both straight and gay people who think bisexuality is a myth. However, since I also know actual bisexuals, I figure they know more about themselves than a bunch of people on the sidelines who aren't them. Sure be nice if the rest of the world offered the same courtesy. :(

The whole "choosing your sexuality" thing bugs me, and the fact that people still think you can be cured of being gay (and they do—I run into them on other web locales, bunches of people who think that being gay is a choice and that the minimal "I guess she's kind of hot" that they feel over Beyonce or whatever is the same degree of attraction that gay people feel toward their own sex, and are therefore just choosing wrongly. Gah!)

I've always said that people who believe homosexuality can be "cured" should be obliged to marry those "cured" people themselves and see exactly how well their relationship gets beyond the platonic level. You want to make that kind of demand on other people, you suffer the consequences right along with them.

On a totally different note (back to the show again), I don't like this direction Taub is taking, and I think he deserves to have his butt kicked multiple times over. I wish the show hadn't made his wife so needy (she seems to have no interests outside being a housewife, and she doesn't want kids). Maybe she isn't enough for him (maybe she lacks "self"), but since he's a philanderer there's really no way to know whether ANY wife would be wrong for him, or just this particular one. Regardless, I want her to find out and call it quits on their marriage. Yeah, adultery is one of my moralistic areas...

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