The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In March And April

Far fewer stories and drabbles than usual, though I started a new challenge for 5_prompts (2 fics finished, a 3rd begun), and wrote three of my other challenge-related stories for SPN, Prison Break, and Chuck. Plus, my one-and-only original fiction story. Didn't expect to be doing that!

Supernatural Gen:
Where Once Were Wings (Castiel, PG) (S5) - Castiel disagreed with Dean, but still listened—perhaps too well.
Off The Economic Grid (PG) - Tax day drabble humor.
Sometimes We Dream Of Stars (Wee!Chesters, PG) - Dean loved science...

Supernatural Slash:
Whiskey Won't Guard Your secrets (Sam/Dean, R) (S5) - Sam fought his feelings for years, until a larger battle slowly wore him down.
Until (Unless) (Sam/Dean, PG-13) - Sometimes the lines got blurred…

The Supernatural Gen OR Slash Drabble: All Without Words (Sam, Dean, PG) (S1) - Dean can't stop checking to make sure Sam is there.

Prison Break Slash:
Across A Crowded Room (Michael/Lincoln, R) (Pre-Series) - Sometimes Lincoln and Michael would meet up at a bar across town. Sometimes, Lincoln pretended to be late…

The Hurt Locker: Another Lifetime Gone (Sanborn, OFC, Gen, PG-13) - It was summer when Sanborn got the news about Will James.
Chuck Slash: Casey And The Compulsive Talker (Chuck/Casey PG-13) - Stuck in the camera van on stakeout, Casey finds a new way to shut Chuck up.
Original Fiction: Listening For The Moon (PG) - It was better she didn't know…
Terminator SCC: An Abstraction Of Regret (Cameron, John Connor, Gen, PG) - John Connor was bleeding...

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