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Those 1s and 0s won't move themselves...

My current work PC is just barely able to browse the Internet, meaning that I can't even get to most of the internal sites, let alone stuff like Weather Underground and LJ. So I'm still slogging around back on April 27th right now.

Cycling adventures: apparently, those ugly red dangling things over male turkeys' noses (snoods?) grow over time. On Monday, I passed what must have been a teenaged turkey who had more of a rhino-horn thing going on instead. I also saw the fluffy black cat I'd spotted the week before (probably visiting the parkway from a nearby house), and nearly hit a squirrel who was sitting right in the middle of the path working on a nut or something. I whistled and whistled, and it just sat there. "Hey!" I said as I went past, and it looked up like, Buzzuh? A few rides ago, someone kindly alerted me to the rattlesnake that I'd assumed was a twig (as usual). I gave it wide berth, and I could see the flat head and those telltale chubby cheeks. Honestly, though—the rattlesnakes in this part of the country aren't that recognizable if you're zooming past. They don't have that diamondback pattern, and if they're not sandy-camouflage-colored then they're blackish (the ones in Oregon are black with rings). I don't expect a rattler to look like either of those things! And how did I find this out, you might ask? From random fact-chasing at Wikipedia while I was looking up snake info for my blog-blurb on Snakes On A Train a few weeks back.

Re tonight's SPN, 2x20 , I really envy those of you who don't find the show problematic these days. You probably didn't spend the last half of it grousing "Stop me before I retcon again" at the screen.

I liked the return of Crowley (just because), and Bobby vs. Crowley even better, but that storyline with Sam's friend from college was unnecessary and just felt wrong.

The show seems to be retconning Sam as someone who was always destined to be evil, and could be kept on that demon-track if they just pushed him a little. Well, I remember S1/S2/S3 Sam very clearly, and that isn't who he was. The beauty of Sam was that he always had that hope, that belief in humanity and in the larger good. Where he is now isn't something I believe in—it's more like he's been pushed into that corner so that Kripke can work the story arc he's after, despite how it craps all over Sam's characterization, and that bugs me. And yes, I know I've said that for at least a year now, but it hasn't gotten better.

Randomly, I also feel kind of cheated out of Matt Frewer this episode. What, he cost too much? They're saving him for next week (or never)?

The part where I wish all the slashy text/subtext had been aimed at Sam and Dean, well... hey, at least the show isn't outright mocking my 'ship right now.

Speaking along those lines...

Last night's L&O: SVU reminded me that I'm a slash-lover to the core. I'd never heard of anyone being THAT into pyromania, but the whole scene of Elliot pushing that kid's buttons with the matches and burning paper, and the sexual undercurrents in all of that... whoo! *fans self* I haven't seen Chris Meloni dial up the sexual tension on anyone like that since Oz and it woke me up in all kinds of places I didn't even know existed. I would seriously rewatch that scene at least 2-3 more times. Wow.

flashForward seemed to be hinting at pre-futures and possibly alternate-futures this week. Am I mistaken? All the back-and-forth gets confusing.

ETA: Ahnold is on Leno, and I really enjoy him. *waits for massive defriending*

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