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Happy Birthday Druuuuuu!

Though I'm tempted to say "Drvvvvvvv" instead! Hope you're having a wonderful day, with appropriate caking and universal kindness and nothing remotely like suspicious breakins or the like.

If I can improve your day with a drabble, please let me know! ♥


I'm behind on my friends' page again (I don't seem to read it at all over the weekends these days), but I'm hoping to get caught up again.

Last Friday I was awakened by the sound of "RRRRrrrrrr... RRRRrrrrr..." and some construction equipment on the street. Someone's chainsawing a tree, I thought. When I opened the windows to my home office, I saw that it was OUR tree. Nuts. By late yesterday all three doomed trees had been removed. Now the yard looks weird and kind of barren (despite all the other landscaping). The foreman was photographing stuff on Monday, because it turns out that one of the County Supervisors drove by and read him the riot act about there being nothing wrong with the trees (Hah!) and them not being county trees (they are). So on top of everything, the guy has to protect his job. Whee. I'm still disappointed that all three trees had to go—couldn't even one of them have stayed healthy?

This weekend included biking with Christopher (who needs a bigger bike—jeez, the complaining and the stopping!), running on Sunday (too hot!), pruning trees in the backyard for four hours, and getting to Christopher's haircut on Monday night (Return of the Werewolf. What a mess...)

We got caught up on Fringe (whoever cast John Noble in that series gets my undying love—he's totally breaking my heart these days), and started S2 of The Riches.

I also have some minor thoughts on last week's SPN, 2x19:

It was great to see Sam and Dean working together again for a change, and for someone to shoot Dean down before he even opened his mouth. Plus, the humor was fun.

But... cannibal gods? Really, Kripke? And they weren't even the Aztecs or Incans or any of the other gods who were regularly afforded human sacrifices... :(

I realize that we routinely consider other people's gods to be mythology (hey, as an Agnostic, Christianity is also a mythology to me). However, while some have largely been left behind (the Norse gods), others are still being actively worshipped even now (the East Indian gods). Respect for other peoples' beliefs says that you need to keep that in mind, especially before you start painting them in a savage light.

I plan to rewatch Dean spotting Ganesh (I looked away at the wrong time!), and I could listen to Odin trash-talk the Chinese God until the end of time just because that kind of squabbling is very in-character for most of the pantheistic gods (the Norse, Greek/Roman gods all had that in common).

Having said that, I find it odd that the Norse gods were so over-represented. Also, Loki <> Trickster, despite their similarities. Loki was actually evil, not just prankish, and that's the wrong veneer for an archangel to be wearing (which didn't work particularly well in the original retconning either). Also, Baldur could not have been more OOC. Baldur is the God of Light, a Christ-like god. He would not for a minute have stood by while the other gods were readying their human feast. Which was all kinds of disgusting, and seriously—the gods couldn't have consumed souls instead of eyeball soup? Ugh.

I enjoyed the scenes between Gabriel and Lucifer very much (so heartfelt, and you could feel the love beneath their epic disagreement). Losing Gabriel, as well as the Lucifer-killing knife, not so much...

For the coda, let me just say that we had Pestilence at the Wincon prom this year in the form of girlguidejones, and she was much shinier and more mystical than the plague-carrier in this episode. Thank goodness for that! Though those were some effective scenes, weren't they, especially in the car at the end? I was somewhat distracted for all of that, first because it pinged my gross-meter and second because Matt Frewer is really tall and looked so much like an ordinary guy that I found myself doubting that it WAS Matt Frewer.

In summary: evil porn ("of age" warning—yick!), bad god-mixing and maligning, Dean never knowing when to shut up with his authority issues, and a twinge of regret (I'll miss old Gabriel and his fun-tastic episodes).

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