The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happy Birthday to clex_monkie89!

I hope you're having a great day, Clex, and that the customers are not being evil. Let there be cake and commissions and all good things! \o/


Tonight, I will NOT forget to watch flashForward (some interesting turns there lately), or the other two thirds of my 9pm triumverate. Still a week behind on Fringe (got waylaid by Netflix discs—S1 of "My Name is Earl" and S2 of "The Riches").

More and more (don't judge me!) I find we're watching huge parts of Glee with the mute button on. Both of us hate Pop music, and lately I'm finding that Rachel makes everything sound like Pop to me. She has an amazing voice, but there's a generic bright splashiness to her sound that is both earbreaking and also tends to "level out" the actual melody for me. Mostly, I'm watching for Sue Sylvester. It's funny that the show depicts her character as straight, because she doesn't come off as straight**. She's very masculine (not in a plaid-flannel-shirt way, but in a Machiavelli-in-a-tracksuit way). But then I guess the reality is that Sue really doesn't like other people much at all, regardless of their gender. They're annoying and beneath her, just waiting to be crushed under the running-shoe-heel of her next big scheme. Which is exactly what I love about her...

Speaking of cantankerous characters, I'll admit that I'm disappointed that fake-Martha-Plimpton hasn't died on 24 yet, because I really hate her. I'd like to throw skeavy-CTU-nerdboy on the fire too (I haven't even bothered to learn his name. I just want to hurt him). Also, what where they thinking, putting Chloe in charge of CTU? Chloe has no people skills at all, apart from not stabbing you with a fork every time she wants to and occasionally remembering to sneer out "Sir" at the end of some insubordinate comment. These, of course, are all the reasons Chloe is awesome! But not so much a leader. And what was the President thinking, telling Jack to back off from the truth? You don't thwart Jack Bauer! Hah! Thank goodness he's finally stopped being sanitized and is now back to his fully insane and awesome potential. \o/

We're caught up on V again. I love Elizabeth Mitchell, and my weakness for Morris Chestnut could be entirely shallow, but damn—just look at him! So long as those two don't get hurt I'll be happy. Now, emoSon and alienBarbie are another story. I just want them to go away...

On a random note, last month's Men's Fitness magazine featured Ryan Philippe on the cover, and I find that I always think of him as a less-pretty version of Jensen. Much like Kate Beckinsale could always be prettier by just being Evangeline Lilly instead.

ETA: Actually, it's my gay hairdresser who immediately assumed Sue was gay, which is the kind of thing that makes female P.E. teachers everywhere cringe. I tend not to think of her as having a sexuality, mostly because I could swear that at least half the time she looks at other people, the main thought in her head is probably "Die! Die! Die!"

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