The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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More randomness...

Haggleblast! Whisper-not!

Damned if I don't love Dead Like Me...

Our weather keeps veering back into winter (hence today's garage-biking). Lauren decided to go "swimming" today (a quick dip in the barely-heated pool, during the rain)—on the same day where the grownups complained about how miserably cold and damp it was. She said she enjoyed it, though. :0

We'll be losing our three giant legacy trees soon. We had people come by to give estimates on mistletoe removal a couple of weeks back, and the last person instead pulled me outside to show me exactly why all three trees are doomed right now and also dangerous. We've been so focused on keeping the branches cleaned up (they're 59 years old, and have a 50-year lifespan) that we never noticed the 2-foot long splits in all three crotches (that could halve the trees at any moment). Last night, we had a sudden windstorm, and I moved my computer out of the office/bedroom that lies under a major section of one of the trees. :0

I hate losing those trees (their replacements are still pretty puny), and we'll lose the landscaping that goes with them, too. Those azaleas are going to fry once they're out in the open sun. And I just replanted one of them a few weeks ago!

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