The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Sorry to be so absentee... aGAIN...

I spent a lot of this weekend messing around with taxes. We got copies of some key missing paperwork last week, and I made headway through the snarl of declaring a lump-sum Soc Sec payment, an IRA distribution from my M-I-L, why we have two Mortgage Interest forms (oh yeah—we refinanced last year. D'OH!), and then ground to a halt over where and how to report a 2009 repayment of Disability income that was reported as income in 2008. That resulted in some quality time with the IRS today:

Poll #1550373 Your government at work (U.S. version)

Mock the IRS' hold music?

Are you nuts? Talk about jinxing yourself...
Poke the fucking bear.

I've got my answers now (and it was a lot of work for the IRS agent to figure it out, so I don't feel so bad). I'll be trying to shoehorn the finishing touches in tonight between House, 24, and Castle (L&O: Classic via DVR).

I haven't done much writing lately, and one of the main reasons (I hate admitting this) is because I let myself get sucked back into the Spider Solitaire PC game while on Spring Break. Before my other computer died, I wound up deleting all "easy" access to it and saving it in a buried part of my "Temp" folder— it was that bad.

Guess what I'll be doing after I post this? I've got work to finish, I have to bike in the garage (more rain—whee), and the addiction is obviously out of control.

Speaking of which, since Dead Like Me is my current garage-viewing... I'd forgotten how disturbingly weird Crystal is. The germ warfare is bad enough, but the combination of the beehive and '50s glasses and the dead-eyed stare really gets to you. I still hate Daisy Adair every bit as much as the first time around, and still have a soft spot for Mason even though he's an idiot. I hadn't noticed before that Rube is living-but-not-living in his apartment, with the dust clothes over all the furniture. Also, who prepares gourmet meals on a hotplate? And I still pity Joy Lass for having the children she did. I can't help but think that part of her personality was shaped by her incredibly prickly and unloving daughters (and her own absentee mother). She's a pill, but I can understand how she got that way. :0

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