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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Thursday with new SPN means I already know what 75% of my f-list looks like today. By contrast, I almost feel "safer" when the show is on hiatus, because I know they won't be heading farther into territory I don't like. Yet. Don't judge me!

ETA: *koff* Okay, I really liked this particular episode, so carry on for now. *koff*

The Mentalist... is not on, and I have no idea why that show runs some weeks and not others. Meanwhile, I saw hints that new Fringe episodes might be coming down the pike later, which has me confused. Happy, but confused. And is Lie To Me dead, or is some other split-season thing going on?

Half of me blames this on the Writers' Strike two years ago—the networks think they can get away with anything and people will still tune in. Ugh.

We finished watching S3 of Doc Martin on DVD, which was very short—only 6 or 7 episodes. Oh, Martin, you are a complete idiot when it comes to people. Never change!

We also watched Shades of Ray via Netflix because it came up as a Live Play movie recommended for us (it's more or less a romantic comedy that stars Zachary Levi as a half-Pakistani man). I enjoyed the movie a lot, but have mixed feelings about having ethnic or semi-ethnic actors playing different ethnicities. It implies that all ethnic people are interchangeable, and that bugs me (but then I remember the incredible job August Schellenberger did in "Black Robe," and I question myself). Still, I adore Levi, and he was very good in the part. Brian George played his father, and I've seen him before, but he's never been this funny. I've also never heard anyone dismiss the East-Coast/West-Coast timezone difference as "bullsh*t". That's a novel approach!

While watching a repeat of L&O: SVU (disappointment! I thought it was a second episode guest-starring Naveen Andrews), I visited the Engrish Funny blog. Lots of good stuff there, but the first entry hit me right away:

Oh, lord. That's pretty much perfect!

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