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Always so behind...

Still trying to finish a story for velvet_eyes's birthday, while tomorrow is the birthday of two more lovely ladies. I could type faster, but the problem is ficcing faster. No magic cure for that!

I thought this would be a basketball-heavy day, but Christopher's team lost its first playoff game and now they're done. Ouch! Our good shooters were both cold, and the level of fouling turned the game into Maul-Ball. By the second quarter one of the refs was pissed off at our coach for continually wondering "Where's the foul call?" Keep in mind that our coach is great, and very much a gentleman—he's not a yeller, he's not histrionic. This kind of situation is how Lauren's team (same coach) got robbed of going to the playoffs last year. Why, in a playoff situation, do you let violations slide? It really takes away the fairness of the game. Let kids win or lose on the merits of the game, not on which team plays rougher. :(

So, no 5pm game today. Lots of laundry, running while Christopher scootered, bunches of yardwork, healthcare reimbursement forms, and mid-month bills. Too many chores! Tomorrow is a work day, and Lauren's team plays their age-group championship game at 8pm. I hope they don't get flustered—this is the second year the championships have been at the local NBA venue instead of the gyms where the kids always play. The kids seem to think that's neat, but OTOH... there's all this dark, yawning space at all the sides of the court, and the floor itself is hollow (which affects the ball action on dribbling). Basically, it's disorienting and weird. :0

The grownups watched Snakes On A Train last night. More gory than I'd like (it's basically a horror-movie). Because the opening setup included passenger service via Southern Pacific (!), I looked up The Asylum to see if they were mostly non-U.S. (No). Only Amtrak offers passenger train service here. HSH didn't know that, though, so maybe it's not as glaring to other people.

I was amused that the snakes started out as garter snakes (yellow racers), then the bigger version seemed to be ball pythons or something similar, and a couple of random rubber coral snakes appeared a few times. All of them were accompanied by a rattlesnake sound, because most actual snakes are annoyingly silent and hard to make scary. The story did, however, work its way up to the cover picture of a snake eating the train. As with their Sherlock Holmes (which included a robot, a dinosaur, and a dragon), The Asylum does not try to overexplain their plot-weirdness, and things tie together better than you'd expect. It's all low-budget, and kind of cheesy, but harmless fun:

Boyfriend Dude: You have snakes inside you, Alma.
Alma: Everyone has snakes inside them.
Viewer: !!!
Boyfriend Dude: Yours come out.

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