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I dithered over biking outdoors yesterday because of the dark, looming clouds, but went out when I noticed they'd suddenly cleared. That was because a windstorm had started up! The ride upriver was a breeze, but the ride downriver was a chore. VERY cold wind (the part of my stomach between the sportsbra and the shorts/pants combo was stinging over the last 3 miles before my turnaround), and some of those side-gusts were scary. I don't enjoy the wind, but I can hack it. Being afraid to ride one-handed even for a second, though... not good.

I would have loved to trade Sunday's weather for Monday's. Sunday was warmer, and all I had time for between basketball games was running (and it was a little warm for that!)

Christopher's basketball was 50/50. The first game was great. The second game was against their league rivals, who have one star player. That team lost the game they played the hour before, but for Christopher's game the star went from frigid to smoking. He must have had 8-10 three-point shots all on his own, not to mention a ton of other scoring. It was painful.

Lauren's Saturday rec-league game was worse. Slow, loose passes, tons of turnovers, and a coach who just sat there. Really, the season's opening game (when a teammate's Dad filled in as coach) went a lot better!

The Jr. NBA games went well (Lauren's team is the best of the three). For the second game, the other team had only four players, so they played 4-on-4 for the first half. With a 26-2 score, the other coach forfeited at halftime, but instead of going home our coach suggested loaning some of our girls over and playing for fun. With the pressure off, Lauren dribbled a lot (she's actually good at it—she lacks confidence), and she and her best friend had fun guarding each other. It was a great way to turn the other team's experience around too.

So, The Hurt Locker blew the doors off the Oscars! Whoo-hoo! I hope more people will see that movie (in the theater if possible, to really put you in the intensity of the experience). On the other end of the spectrum, we have Snakes On A Train here at the house waiting to be watched. ;)

Why is White Collar's Jones on The Good Wife? This episode really confirms that the secondary agents are underwritten on WC, because they have no presence or personality on that show and Sharif Atkins is making himself heard on TGW bigtime right now...

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