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What I Wrote In January and Febuary

Looks like a lot of drabbles and ficlets in this period (thanks to birthdays and a drabble meme and my brain being stalled out), though there were a couple of longer things.

I went on a movie-reviewing kick at Netflix and wrote blurbs for a couple of books at too, but I'll limit this to actual stories... There were several atmospheric Wincest drabbles in this period, with a wide variety of moods.

Supernatural Gen:
C'mon, How Bad Could It Be? (SPN/House Xover, Dean, Sam, House, PG-13) - The sequel I totally had not planned to write, this follows the Sam vs. House story.

A Most Sinister Spectacle (Dean, Castiel, Sam, Humor, PG) - Castiel was doing the unthinkable...
The The Words Bleed Through (Sam, Dean, PG) (S1, post-"Shadow") - Sam was not getting pulled into this life again...
Indelible Wrongs (Dean, Angst, PG) (4x10 coda) - Some things, you can never really come back from.
Deadly Waters (Lucas, Dean, PG) ("Dead In The Water" drabble) - Some secrets were too scary to say out loud...
Introductions (Jess, Sam, PG) - Pre-Series, Jess' first impressions of Sam.

Supernatural Slash:
Sworn Resolve (Sam/Dean, PG-13) (S5) - This will not end the way Lucifer and the angels want.
Where The Sun Calls Home (Sam/Dean, PG-13) - Sam glows with the heat of the sun…
Sweltering (Sam/Dean, PG-13) - Hot and bored is the worst kind of waiting, but it doesn't have to stay that way.
In The Night (Sam/Dean, PG-13) - Just this once, Dean was in no kind of hurry.
Fresh Canvas (Sam/Dean, PG-13) (Early S4) - Dean's body is new and perfect all the way through.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Moving Forward (Sucre, Michael, Gen) (S1) - Sucre left, not for long, and now he was sorry.

Prison Break Slash:
With Careless Abandon (Michael/Lincoln one-sided, Lincoln/Veronica, PG) (Pre-Series) - Veronica wasn't the first, but she seemed to be the one who was always there.
With The Beauty Of Ordinary Things (Michael/Lincoln, PG-13) ("Paradise" Universe) - When it's Lincoln, everything is different…
Locking The World Away (Michael/Lincoln, PG-13) ("Our Dreams Unbound" Universe interlude) - On the best days, Lincoln was already waiting for him…

House, M.D.: A Dish Best Served Cold (Wilson vs. House, PG) - At first, Wilson thought he was imagining it...
Burn Notice: Schemes, Scams, And Schoolboy Loyalties (Sam, Michael, Gen, PG) - Friends stick by you in the bad times, even if it's just to make fun of it all later.
Iron Man Gen: When The Dust Settled (Tony, Yinsen, PG) - In the cave, Tony was focused on his plan. There was no time to give in to doubt.
Jensen/Jared RPS: Melting Winter's Heart (PG-13, schmoopy - Jensen is jealous, yes, but of what?

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