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Where the hell is the figure-skating already? It's after 10:30pm!

TV show dialogue, just to perplex you:
"Granny": You're not Doug!
Not!Doug: And you're not my Mama. But we're having fun with pancakes, aren't we?

I'm trying to focus on some a late birthday drabble for a special someone, where part of the problem is that 1) I only write this pairing as Gen, and 2) I wrote my seminal Gen piece for these two already. And interestingly enough, I received an anonymous review on that same story at today. *ponders potential mysticality*

I haven't written as much these last few weeks as I'd have liked. During my last visit to the psychiatrist, he asked me to seriously increase my nighttime dose of Klonopin for 7-10 days to see if it would break the cycle of repetitive anxiety dreams I've been having for the past year. I won't bore you with the details, but there are 4 flavors of these dreams running in constant rotation, and I am sick of them. Apparently I'd misunderstood our last discussion about the prescription (7 months ago), because I thought a low dose was supposed to help suppress the dreams. No-- the doctor was hoping to blot them out entirely for long enough to "break the circuit."

Well, the upshot is that the 10 days passed and I've been tapering off ever since. I was at 2 pills for his experiment, and I go down by quarters. I'm at 1 1/4 now, but was at 1/2 for most of June onward, so there's a ways still to go.

I have noticed, though, that even though I don't necessarily feel more tired during the day with this heavier dose... it seems to make writing fic a little harder. The ideas are harder to form and push to completion, other than some of those drabbles (shorter story arc). So I hope that over the next 4-6 weeks, my writing productivity will increase as the dose continues to get smaller.

And? Still having those dreams. Perhaps not as often, but they haven't disappeared.

ETA:Yu-Na Kim just skated the HECK out of the Gershwin Piano Concerto. Incredible use of the music, and the execution was fantastic! \o/

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