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24 February 2010 @ 11:48 pm
Prison Break Slash Fiction: "With Careless Abandon" (Michael, Lincoln, Veronica, PG)  
Title: With Careless Abandon
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Michael, Lincoln/Veronica (one-sided Slash)
Rating: PG
Summary: Veronica wasn't the first, but she seemed to be the one who was always there.
Author's Notes: Happy Birthday to clair_de_lune, who wanted some M/L. I went with a slightly different flavor for this one.
Also for fanfic100 ("Green") and writers_choice ("Covet").


Veronica wasn't the first, but it always came back to her. She was the one who always seemed to be there.

No matter the betrayals or breakups, she returned to Lincoln's orbit. She stole the light from the sky, leaving Michael lonely and trapped in darkness, isolated from the only thing he'd ever wanted.

She didn't even know it.

At first, Michael was supposed to be too young to have those feelings. Getting older didn't change anything—you weren't allowed to get wrapped up in your brother like that, which meant that all Michael's feelings were wrong. Either way, he kept them hidden, forced to watch every time Veronica waltzed into Lincoln's life again and soaked up the attention Michael craved for himself.

The other girls—before and after and in between—didn't have the same impact. They still got in the way, and any time Lincoln took one of them back to his bedroom Michael had to leave the apartment just to keep from going crazy. Almost any girl could turn Lincoln's head hard enough that Michael became an afterthought until she was finally gone.

But Veronica was more.

They'd grown up together, and sometimes Michael wondered when she'd gone from being "that girl upstairs" to occupying a spot on their sofa and in Lincoln's arms. It seemed like he'd been tricked, that she'd somehow betrayed their friendship.

But he still liked her as much as he resented her, and it bothered him that he couldn't separate those two things. He wanted so much to blame her, even though he knew it would be unreasonable. The problem wasn't Veronica, it was that Lincoln always chose her, and probably always would.

Sometimes things would go great for months, where it was just Michael and Lincoln, alone. They'd spend their evenings watching TV together, with Michael sitting as close as he dared and even occasionally pretending to fall asleep on Lincoln's shoulder. He always ached with the need for more.

But then one night the phone would ring, and Lincoln's voice would get low and intimate. Michael's heart always sank at the sound of it, because he knew what was coming.

No matter how he tried or how long he waited, it would never make a difference.

Veronica Donovan would always own the part of Lincoln that Michael so desperately dreamed of having, even if she never bothered for long to try to keep it.

-------- fin --------

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: PB slashhalfshellvenus on February 27th, 2010 08:38 am (UTC)
I also like Linc/V, and I have many of the same feelings you do.

We know that Michael has affection for Veronica. And - in addition to her always coming back to Lincoln - it only serves to make the situation worse for him.
It's impossible to separate the guilt from resenting her out of his affection for her. Hating her would be easier, but it's not in his nature, so he suffers doubly in this emotional trap.

Not only does she have what he wants so much, but she also doesn't appreciate it the way he would.
From the outside, we can understand why Veronica (who became a lawyer) might keep leaving Lincoln (who became a druggie and a criminal). And we can also understand the deadly attraction that keeps bringing her back.

But Michael, always caught up in his loyalty and his obsession over Lincoln at this point in his life... cannot imagine why she takes her fortune so lightly (and probably is mad that Lincoln keeps taking her back).

I'm so glad you liked this. I've written a lot of schmoopy things lately, including a drabble meme story for you, so I was hoping that this wouldn't be amiss. It was such an irresistible setup to write, and one of so many flavors of Michael/Lincoln that seem possible (though sadder than most).