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What I Wrote In December... of 2009 :0

I thought I did this last month, but apparently everything's falling through the cracks. Fine. In preparation for the 2009 fic meme (stop laughing!), I'm finishing the 2009 summary.

A lot of December's stuff came from the 10-character 15-word fic meme, which added way more random-fandom stuff than usual. :0

Supernatural Gen:
To The Battlefield In Borrowed Armor (Dean, John, PG-13) - The first time Dean went on a solo hunt was eight months after Sam left for Stanford.
Help Is On The... Never Mind (SPN/Iron Man Xover, Crack, PG) Iron Man arrives to save the day! Or, not so much…
In Ur Universe, Drivin' U Nuts (House/SPN Xover, PG) - House finds someone new to pester…
No Answer Or Escape (Sam, Angst, PG) - It was dark, always dark—just like the last time.

Supernatural Slash (Drabbles):
Turning Up The Heat (Sam/DeanPG-13) - Dean is freezing, but Sam has the solution.
Athletic Endeavors (Sam/Dean, PG-13) What Dean wants to learn is not always what's being taught...
Restoration (Sam/Dean, PG-13) Sam applies some TLC to repairing a work of art...

Iron Man: Stranded (Crack, PG) - The robots are plotting...
Iron Man: Betrayed (Tony, Angst, PG) - There weren't many people Tony trusted...
Burn Notice/Prison Break Xover: Stray Bullets And Fortunate Circumstances (Gen, PG) If you're going to get shot, it helps to have Sam Axe be the guy who rescues you.
Chuck: Reverse Surveillance (Chuck/Casey, PG) - A yuletide extra, which was written in 2009 though not posted on LJ until January.
Die Hard 4: Talking Turkey (John/Matt, PG-13) - a Thanksgiving ficlet with humor and schmoop.
Fringe Bigger Than A Breadbox (Walter, Peter, Gen, PG) - A birthday gift for killabeez, who wanted Walter and Peter doing what they do. :)
Fringe/House/Die Hard Xover: Alpha Males And Also-Rans (Walter Bishop/Greg House/John McClane, PG) Fic meme crossover (humor and slight slashiness): A doctor, a cop and a mad scientist meet up in a bar...

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