The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Still plugging along...

So, apparently I get almost no writing done on the weekends anymore. That used to be a good time for me, but not so much lately. It's late nights or nothing! In other words, I'm still working on the pile of prompts from the drabble meme I posted up last week, wherein I have completed a "House" ficlet and... a drabble for someone's birthday that technically was not part of the meme. *koff*

We saw Sherlock Holmes this weekend, and loved it. I might quibble with the timeframe of some of the scientific advancements in it, and with Irene Adler's makeup being dialed up to "streetwalker" in relation to the period. But it was a delightful and entertaining movie, and I very much liked the smarter/snappier Watson and also the more edgy version of Holmes (which also keeps the character's know-it-allness from being entirely insufferable).

On the TV front, I have a spoilery question about tonight's Fringe: WTF with the Charlie thing? Did I miss something? Why is not!Charlie putting in day-job hours at the FBI, and how is Olivia okay with that considering that she knows the real Charlie is gone? How does that work out?

Chuck S3 Premier: Yay and big-sigh-of-relief Whoo. That says it all...

Castle: duct tape earnestness! I'm sorry HSH was out of the room during that scene—it was glorious.

Better Off Ted: God, I love this show. The snark, the side-references to things like 'spider-chicken' and 'weaponized pumpkins' and 'the smallest squirrel science can make'! Veronica's dry and evil heart: "That's right, little girl—draw them in with your innocence. Then hit them with the phone!" The Veridian Dynamics ads (which look as if they were made by the people at An episode formed around replacing a PA system that creates office panic every time it's used! I sure hope they have more than 13 episodes planned for this year, because they're running through them quickly in an effort to shore up Scrubs now.

All right. Back to the writing!

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