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Words I never thought I'd say...

Fog! Yayyyy!

Last week's highs were in the lower 40s, followed by rain-rain-rain. The 40s are too cold for biking (my face can't take it-- I've got gear for everything else), and it warmed up only when the rain started. I spent last week at the gym and biking in the garage, with my last outdoor ride on 12/4. So today's fog with no rain means that it's warmer-- a whole 53-56 degrees! I went riding, I was ungodly slow over all 28.5 miles, but at least I was outside! When the garage thing goes on too long, I lose all my biking speed and stamina.

HalfshellHusband went to Christopher's parent/teacher conference last week. The teacher marked Christopher "Satisfactory" on listening in class/etc., because he feels that Christopher isn't always paying attention when he's describing the lessons... but the instruction grades were all 4 or 4+. So where is the actual problem? (I ask this rhetorically). Christopher isn't being challenged by the Gifted program he's enrolled in, so he's bored a lot of the time. From my perspective, if you're not challenging a kid and his grades on content are all outstanding, consider yourself lucky.

HalfshellHusband is peeved about the whole thing, because he thinks the school should be doing more for Christopher. Realistically, though, he's a genius child in a group of really smart kids, so he's way outside the bell curve even of his gifted class. It's rare for teachers to create MORE work for themselves by offering special challenge for smarter students-- they spend enough energy as it is on the slow students. And at this age, the classrooms are 33-34 kids. If the teacher mostly leaves Christopher "alone" to do his own thing when his work is done, that's probably the best we can hope for.

Something interesting did come out of that conference, though. Christopher, who is a chatterbox, was apparently distracting some of his tablemates. So the teacher moved him to a desk that faces the wall... and was surprised when Christopher kept talking. To himself. He just babbles away over there, narrating what he's doing. What amuses me is that both the teacher and HSH thought this was surprising. ;)

Last year's first conference was worse. Christopher had a teacher who was incredibly process-oriented, which is a terrible match for his personality (and mine). She eventually loosened up and the problem went away, but HSH was very grumpy after that first conference:

HSH: Mrs. S. said that Christopher was oppositional.
Me: And?
HSH: I can't believe she said that!
Me: Are you kidding? It's his defining characteristic!

You can tell that HSH has far more patience than I do. :0

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