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Update & drive-by recs

Did more Xmas shopping yesterday, including a visit to the dreaded mall. I saw a frog-themed bathroom mat (Hi, pamalax!), a Mouse King Nutcracker (Hi, memphis86!), and a tree ornament of a shark wearing a hulu skirt (Hi, Aussies and Pacific Islanders!).

Our tree is up and decorated, though I've still got the mantel and a few other things to finish. Meanwhile, have some random slash recs:

SPN: In The Living And The Dying, How Easily You Bruise (Sam/Dean/Future!Dean, NC-17) by maerhys. Sam and Dean are transported back to 2014 again, and meet up with Future!Dean. This story is hot like burning with a delightful twinge at the end. Guh.

Glee: What Would Patti LuPone Do? (Puck/Kurt, NC-17) by fakeplasticsnow. This story was recommended by a friend who doesn't read slash and doesn't 'ship this couple at all, but couldn't resist the depth the author brought to Puck and how incredibly good all the character voices were. And it's all true. I can't quite buy the ending, but this is one heck of a fun ride. Snarky and awesome-- see for yourself!

White Collar: T-Shirt (Peter/Neal, NC-17) by audrarose. It was only a matter of time before I went looking for Peter/Neal slash, and this is one of the best out there. Written for smallfandomfest, the dance of teasing and tenuous trust between these two men becomes something more when Peter visits Neal late at night.

If you enjoy these, be sure to leave the authors some love!

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