The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

*Bites nails*

Tonight is the Oregon/Oregon-State Civil War football game, where the winner goes to the Rose Bowl.

The Oregon Ducks (my alma mater) are ranked at #7/8 and the OSU Beavers at #14/16, depending upon which poll you read. But if the Beavers win, then the teams will have identical W/L records except that the Beavers would have beaten a higher-ranking team, which gives them a leg up in bowl standings.

Back when I was in college, when the Pac 10 conference was still the Pac 8, both the UO and OSU were in an entrenched period of suckage. But they were spoilers, nonetheless-- the one thing you could almost guarantee every year was that one of those two teams would take down the Pac-8 leader in a humliating blowout of 42-10 or 31-3 proportions. UCLA used to dread coming up to Oregon to play, knowing it was only a matter of time...

Which is to say that anything could happen tonight (and thanks for the Thursday night game, ESPN, so you can hog the TV rights on your $%#@!! cable channel instead of having this be a Saturday network-TV game as usual). *whimpers* Go Ducks!

Did I mention that it's lady_iz' birthday today? It's true! I've known Lady Iz since the early Prison Break days (you'll notice her two lovely banners on my UserInfo page). Happy Birthday, Lady Iz! I hope you have a wonderful and reasonably unsnowy day!

In other news, I'm still working on that 10-character multi-story meme. Who knew it would be almost entirely Crossovers, i.e., my nemesis? :0 Some of them are turning out pretty good though, I think. ;)

ETA: rrrrrrrrRRRRRRRROSE BOWL! Go Ducks!

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