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Rolling like a sailor...

My legs have been killing me the last two days, thanks to trying out a different running style for about 2 blocks on Sunday to reduce my "effort." The cold I've had the last 2 weeks never got really bad, but it's left some low-grade bronchitis behind. I skipped running last week (when my lung-function was lower), but since I only run once a week I pretty much had to go on Sunday. The last half mile was awful (and the trashed-out feeling afterwards), and my legs... hey, I know that pain! It's the "running downhill" pain I get when I overdo my first day of running in Portland on vacation every summer! Apparently, that new stride I tried out uses those same "stabilizing" muscles that are not part of my other workouts. :0

Yesterday's biking was pretty bad too. That's my "long" ride day, but I didn't sleep much Sunday night, so I went riding with sore legs, wimpy lungs, and a tired body. Gah. Crept through 29 aching miles, though. \o?

I'm finally up to the 29th on my f-list, which also means wishing belated Happy Birthdays to colleenish and thehighwaywoman—I'll happily write you each a drabble, if you'd like one! Just leave a comment below. :)

The rest of Sunday involved a little yardwork and a speed-effort to put up most of my part of the outdoor Xmas lights; since I can only do that on the weekends, I decided to tackle it in parts. Next Saturday will be taken up with my MIL's funeral, and I wasn't sure next Sunday would be enough time. I still have the walkway lights, the train, and the "connecting-up" left, and the rest is silhouette lights indoors (and about 5-7 timers).

Some cute videos, if you haven't already seen them: Surprise Kitty (I could rewatch that forever), and Beach Dogs (a little bit of summer happiness featuring some really smart dogs). :)

TV-wise, we're caught up on V, which is now on hiatus until March (WTF? Commit to the show, network, or move the WHOLE THING to spring. Geez!) We're 3 episodes into White Collar which we're enjoying so far. Instead of UST, this show has UFT (Unresolved Friendship Tension), where the main characters are uneasy about liking each other so much when there are serious trust issues between them. However, I'm disappointed that the lesbian agent in the Pilot isn't a regular—she was pretty and she had spark, and the "I could be a model" agent they're using instead is dulllll. Internet info says the actress from the Pilot is filming another show with schedule conflicts, but that doesn't make being saddled with "meh" instead of "snappy" any better. Plus, I know they set up the living arrangement situation for Neal in the Pilot, but c'mon—can't the owner of the house and her daughter make an actual appearance once in awhile? It's as if Neal lives there alone now—in the artist daughter's studio, no less, which she apparently isn't using for actually creating art anymore. Try harder, show!

Maybe later this week I'll blather about House and QAF, but I think I've rambled enough for one day. Toodles!

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