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Happy Birthday, lampshade_days!

I hope you and Scott and the kids are having a wonderful time today, and celebrating madly.

If you'd like a birthday drabble, please let me know! I am here to serve. :D


I read a fairly recent Entertainment Weekly at the gym today, which included Oscar contenders and upcoming movie news.

I was thrilled to see The Hurt Locker as a Best Movie possibility (along with its director and two leads). It is such a good movie, very gripping and raw. See it, please!

Then I discovered that the upcoming Nicholas Cage "Bad Lieutenant" vehicle IS in fact a remake of the Harvey Keitel movie of not that freakin' long ago, and I got muttery for awhile. I think Hollywood needlessly remakes far too many things in general (both movies AND TV-shows-as-movies), and moreover... Harvey Keitel! Let it stand!

My ridiculous admiration of Keitel formed in that window of about 1 1/2 years when Reservoir Dogs, The Piano, and Bad Lieutenant all came out (yes, I omit "Thelma and Louise," though it was in that same time period). In all honesty, the reason I watched the U.S. version of "Life On Mars" to begin with was that Keitel was in it! Not as much of him as I would have liked, but still...

For upcoming movies, I want to see Precious (and I hope it won't kill me), and Christopher wants to see The Blind Side, which I hope will be appropriately rated so that he can.

Here's hoping that the kids will be at their aunt's over at least one or two weekend days during Thanksgiving week, so that HSH and I can get to a movie. It would be great if they were going up this coming Saturday, but Christopher has a morning soccer game (and he's nervous-- the goalie AND the leading forward will be gone, so while he'd like to be helping out at forward... he's more likely to be stuck at goalie, and he hates the pressure during real games). Sunday, the kids have tryouts for the rec basketball league (Christopher because he whined his way out of last Sunday's tryout on the basis of a "knee injury" (playing practice goalie with his sister) and we didn't realize the second session was during the Thanksgiving break). We're still not sure if enough girls signed up for Lauren's age-group, so she might not be playing this year. :(

In the continuing news of how far "out of it" I am, I've now confirmed that the reason I've been missing White Collar is that it's on cable. D'OH! When shows are advertised on regular TV, I still foolishly assume they'll be shown on regular TV. Might be visiting Hulu regularly for that one. ;)

Has everyone recovered from the SPN Chicago Con? I envy those of you who went, and I thank you for your pictures and con reports!

ETA: Crap, I'm totally coming down with the cold Lauren & HSH have had. Also, we finished the premiere of V, which led me to to randomly look up Morris Chestnut for probably the third time. So handsome!

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