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With a song in my head...

And it's never a good one, is it? Though you probably weren't expecting this: "Oh Bwunhilda, you'we so wovewy.."

We've been watching Looney Tunes Collections discs from Netflix for ages, hoping to find "What's Opera, Doc?" (It's on Vol.2, Disc 4 if you ever need to know). I love every part of it, from Elmer Fudd's "Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!" to the love duet between viking Elmer and his sudden enamorata, Bugs in drag (bra on the outside) with viking helmet and braids. But somehow, this is the weirdest part of the whole thing to me:

What in the HELL is going on with that horse? It's so fat and misshapen that it looks more like a melted wedding cake. Why?!?

The grownups watched In The Valley Of Elah last weekend, partly because we have a weakness for Tommy Lee Jones. It was good (though the titty bar scenes were hardgoing), but dispiriting. I found myself checking afterward to see if the writer, Mark Boar, had also written The Hurt Locker, and he had. The latter is a much better movie, despite the stars and great performances in "Elah." If you haven't seen it, I really recommend it-- it'll have you on the edge of your seat, and it's as agitating as its main character, but it's not at all depressing. Fascinating characters in volatile circumstances.

Some thoughts on last week's SPN, 5x08. I enjoyed the "fun" parts of it enormously (the bad sitcom! The tandem bicycle! Dean's manCrush!), less so the mytharc parts.

You know, from the previews of this episode, I wasn't expecting Sam and Dean to actually be staying in the motel featured in the sitcom. Fresh Dayglo Hell! As a detail, though, I liked that the "real" outside door and frame were grimy, and the "show" ones were completely clean! And who wouldn't love the horrific credit sequence for that show, with the fake ghost in the closet and the sheepish shrugs?

I couldn't entirely figure out "which" show that was supposed to be, but when Sam came through the door I was half expecting a "Dean, you got some 'splainin' to do."

The "Dr. Sexy Show" mockery was marvelous, and the Japanese game show (bad commercial detour included) was wonderful. At first, I decided that the answer to question they gave Dean couldn't possibly be "Yes," but then I decided that WAS the correct answer. Think about it-- had Sam not been born, Mary wouldn't have been in Sam's room (where the YED killed her), and her death wouldn't have launched John on the revenge path that ultimately led to him trading his life for Dean's. Sam was not the original CAUSE of those things, but the statement IS true.

Of course, this tends to make one revisit other aspects of that history, such as "Since when does a demon contract EVER involve your second-born instead of your first-born? Talk about lousy retconning." And did Mary put any effort into not having a second child? (Answer: no, because the "deal" was thought up later by the writers. Lame).

Speaking of retcon... I wasn't happy with the Trickster turning out to be Gabriel. Yes, it explains his level of power, but now his motives past and present don't make a whole lot of sense. God may be "not answering his phone," but since when do angels get to decide to kill people? Especially in gruesome ways?

This is one of those problems I have with mytharcs in general, writers destroying their previous canon in favor of new canon. The Continuity Avenger in me hates that.

As for this week's SPN 5x09... some people enjoyed it (and I'm glad they did), but I found it to be a waste of time. If this is the last season, Kripke can do better. And if it isn't... he can still do better!

I'm not a fan of the show commenting on itself (or its fandom) in general, but this was particularly thin. Why didn't Sam and Dean leave immediately (as they should have)? Why did the only woman there besides crazyInappropriateWincesterBecky have to be a waitress at Hooters? (Seriously, talk about an insulting and unnecessary detail)

The ghosts were good and creepy, and I always enjoy the plot twists where the "problem" the boys solve is not in fact the real problem. But the rest of it... meh.

Wish they'd picked someone else besides Fat!Dean to be such a huge part of this episode, and the twist of the Sam&Dean LARPers being a couple felt forced to me. Maybe it was because they didn't seem to like each other much beforehand-- I'd actually assumed they were two random guys who paired up for the LARPing part of the episode!

But, in a fun side-note that nyoka pointed out, the characters were named "Barnes" and "Demian," who are the two Television Without Pity reviewers for Supernatural. WIN on that detail!

Is it wrong that I liked seeing Dean pull out the ghost-vanquishing andiron again? How about him giving weight to the comment about bungee-cording their weapons to their bodies?

Not enough to make the episode worthwhile, but still fun. Still, if we're going for throwaway here, I'd like to see the boys on vacation having a good time. Just sayin'.

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