The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Meanwhile, on the work front....

I'm tempted to claim the quantity of write-up I did for a code-review package yesterday as "actual writing." I've been wrangling with cleaning up this single file for 2 1/2 weeks (half the work is documenting the review stuff), after two additional engineers messed around in it AND it went from supporting 2 somewhat-similar ASICs to now needing to support 4. Our internal ASIC team doesn't seem to "get" the idea that having a totally different register-addressing scheme for the same feature on 4 in-family ASICs (plus, four different implementations of it, in four different parts of the ASIC!) chews up major software coding and testing time.

And although you're supposed to use the existing "style" of any code you modify, one engineer invented his own commenting format, and the other decided to duplicate all the functions for the new ASIC rather than streamlining the code. :\

Monday, we got a "SMOKE-O-GRAM" email from an engineer working on bringing up new hardware. I read it to HalfshellHusband, who claimed it made no sense at all, but in fact... the warning was basically, "I'm checking in code that turns on a new power-intensive feature on your hardware, so don't download it unless you've had your board modified or your hardware's gonna scorch!" Whoo-hoo!Nothing like a little in-office fire to liven things up. \o/

I got back from my bike ride just now to find new "promotional material" on my chair for our current marketing campaign. It includes a plastic flag, which I've mounted in my cubicle, but my GOD this thing stinks-- like a combination of plastic and diesel. P.U. Customers will love that, I'm sure. :0

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