The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

We've been re-watching Action via Netflix, and I'd forgotten just HOW snappy and irreverent and rude-funny that show was. I thought I knew, but apparently not. :0 It's still funny as hell, and I was surprised to discover that all the bleeped-out language was done post-production. The actual episodes... make sure the kids are in bed. :0

Netflix has the unaired episodes of Pushing Daisies from the end of last season. Be careful not to just get the last disc like I did-- it has only the final episode on it, and there are a few on the prior disc you'll want to see too. Great extras on the art and the music, though.

Tonight's SPN is a repeat, and I was seriously expecting Sam on a Japanese game show to be part of last week's episode.

The sad truth is that as soon as I see the white-on-black credit screen, I hit the mute button, and any trailers I see are usually visual-only (so I don't know if they're for more than one future show). Do you know why I do this? It's because the show AFTER SPN (at least in our market) is ET (Entertainment Tonight), which is an ADHD nightmare. Even the commercials for that show are "Angelina Jolie! Catwalk! Filming for Dancing With The Stars! Dead Celebrity! Car Crash! Puppy! Anna Nichole Smith's Baby! Rumored Affairs! Shopping!" It makes my brain zip around in my head like it's caught in a pinball machine. :0

We bought a DVR with a digital tuner, and I hooked that up last night. Later, I'll check whether it recorded Glee as it should have (ETA: Yes!). We missed House on Monday, and Hulu still doesn't have it up. *is impatient* I hate the new digital technology with every fiber of my pocketbook. :(

I'm gearing up for mini_wrimo, and signups will be closing down soon if you're thinking of participating. I go for the 100-words-a-day minimum, and have hit the goal all the years I've done it (3 now?). Generally, I write more, but I've already been doing that for findyourwords. I may need to get into the habit instead of writing less come 2010. ;)

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