The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The Post-Birthday Reckoning

We went out of town to Apple Hill on Sunday for my birthday. That's an apple-growers' area about an hour away that features crafts, LOTS of treats involving apples, and the opportunity to buy specific varieties in bulk. Mainly, it's atmospheric.

I bought some Gravenstein apples (which have never been available there before, and I was lucky to get them-- my local store didn't sell them). I also had an apple fritter, half of a cinnamon&sugar apple doughnut, and apple slices with caramel sauce (Lauren has braces again and can't have caramel apples). Christopher found a couple of birthday presents for me there (boy, it took me forever to buy a clue and get out of the craft booth so HSH could help him buy a penguin ornament), and a good time was had by all, other than the eventual regretting-of-the-treats. ;)

Yesterday, I kicked around with HSH, including going to a coffee house and buying a new camera (there are hardly any with viewfinders anymore, and I don't like the LCD-only ones because of the glare). No good movies were showing at the right times, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. Then there was biking in the garage to QAF (rainy day), and a somewhat late dinner with cake and presents. Very nice day, and turning 46 "again" was a little weird, but better than 47!

I received so many wonderful messages and emails and v-gifts from all of you, which were much appreciated after this last year. ♥

I also got extra userpics from beascarpetta, which (*flails*) will allow me to go totally nuts on some of the icons I've been randomly lusting over. I need more penguins, and I want to upload chicky's book icon, and other SPN and text-based stuff!

deirdre_c wrote me a Sam/Dean drabble, Cold hands, warm heart (PG) that was both funny and cozy.

dotfic wrote Old Rules (Gen, G), a 5x05 coda drabble, with wonderful brotherly snarkiness.

celtic_forest did a haiku remix of my SPN Badfic entry here: Silk-lingerie Salvation

badboy_fangirl did a Jensen and Dean picspam with some of my favorite pictures.

and clair_de_lune wrote a gorgeous Michael/Lincoln Prison Break ficlet, Oblivion (R). The mood and description are so tangible in this story.

Thanks to all you for making it such a special day. Many hugs to each of you!

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