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For those of you not going to Wincon, there's this great event you might not be aware of that runs parallel to it-- win_non_con. It has many of the same activities as the actual convention (like a "virtual" convention), AND it has something you should sign up for right now:

The Treasure Hunt \o/

What is this Treasure Hunt, you may ask? It is where you form teams with fellow SPN fans, and try to cover the master list of "items" the people running the show will come up with for you. You will create crack of astounding proportions! You will amaze yourself and your teammates with your twisted minds and your ability to translate that into fic and art! And you will work like fiends and laugh your butts off and have a marvelous time.

I did this last year with caffienekitty and maychorian, and we had a blast. And I've peeked at and enjoyed the creations from other teams for both years of this event. Sign up! Take the plunge! You know you want to. :D

As for Wincon itself... oh, Denver, couldn't you pick a different weekend for your bipolar weather issues? I checked the forecast through the weekend: 68 today, 39 (and snow!) Thursday, 54-ish on Friday, 34-ish and snowy again on Saturday, 47-ish on Sunday. Gaaaaah!

So, I guess I won't have to feel out-of-place bringing my winter coat for the weekend. But for the Apoca-prom, well... I'm not really a "promster," and I had something more along the lines of a cocktail dress picked out for this. I may be showing up in regular clothes for it, because otherwise I'll be freezing. There isn't a granny-sweater in the world that could save me, and I don't own one anyway. :0

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