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Trying to contain my excitement

... for Wincon, and get some of Christopher's supplies for Yosemite lined up while dealing with work and other family stuff.

We went through ALLLLLL his clothes last night to see what fit and what didn't, and got rid of a ton of clothes. He tends to wear a lot of things for about 1.5 to 2 years, and then suddenly nothing fits.

We're down to two pairs of pants (he avoids them anyway, but he'll need those for Yosemite in October), a slightly too-short fleece top that we'll keep for the trip, some sweatshirts (2 borderline), maybe 4 long-sleeved shirts, and a fair amount of T-shirts and shorts (not so helpful for the trip). He doesn't have a jacket, because he's resisted buying one for years, and the one from age 7 is goooone (though that would've motivated him to get a new one)!

HSH and I will be making some Target/Walmart trips, to see what we can find without paying R.E.I. prices.

Today at the gym, I read a fascinating Sports Illustrated article on Dick Fosbury, and how he came about the Fosbury Flop. Why are these things never available online to link? Anyhow, Fosbury arrived at that style in part because he could never make the standard style work for him-- it just seemed "wrong" to his body. A lot of people found it bizarre at the time, even referring to it as "lazy," but to me, it seems to make a better translation of the jumping motion (less wasteful) than the traditional style. Oddly enough, Fosbury never really "ran" up to the bar, and I'll bet current high-jumpers using his style do. It seemed he couldn't figure out how to convert the forward momentum of running into upward momentum, so he kind of 'loped' and then jumped really, really high. Great article.

The SI issue took up most of my workout time on the elliptical trainer, thank goodness. The mystery novel I've been working on has really been trying my patience, and when I went back to it I only made it through one more page before bailing. The soap-opera B-plot (which had previously been a Romance-novel B-plot) surged forward, and since the A-plot was just stupid I decided to quit torturing myself.

This is one of the books handed down to me from my mother, who got it from her friend in Florida that she trades books with. Gah. Is this some current trend among mystery writers, mixing soft-core porn or Romance into the story so heavy-handedly? Too often, I find myself thinking, "Pick a genre already!"

This particular book was by Iris Johansen, who theoretically has a good reputation as a writer, but I'll be chucking the rest of her books in the "To Read" pile at home based on this one. A former "agent" is forced out of hiding when an old enemy comes after her and her daughter, because he wants her to (get this) train his two magnificent blue-eyed white horses who are known as The Pair and are untamable. Seriously, that's the A-plot. It's amazing I stuck with it as long as I did. :0

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