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Massive Pile-On of Everything-ness...

First, the birthday explosion-- for huggenkiss on Friday (writing your drabble now), angstpuppy on Saturday, and dawnstarrising today! I hope all of you had lovely birthdays, and that the coming year will be good to you! If you'd like a birthday drabble, please leave me a note in the comments below. ♥

Also, the Fall Fandom Free-For-All is still going on. Lots of unclaimed things on people's wishlists that I know someone among you could do a great job with. My list is here, and there are a lot of people in the last pages with nothing so far. This year, I've been blessed with a ficlet from happywriter06: Jensen/Jared RPS, all-dialogue, both funny and cute, Where There's Smoke (PG-13). \o/

Speaking of SPN-related things , I really enjoyed this week's episode, for so many reasons. The ending, obviously, made me happy (though I would have liked at least a hug, you know?) But there was a lot of great detail along the way as well.

At the beginning, my first thought was that between last week's episode and this one, a lot of things in my Dean vs. Castiel fics (and Barb's) are becoming canon instead of crack. :0 And then my next thought, after Dean stepped outside the motel, was, "Damn, the art department really outdid themselves on this episode!" From the twisted, broken-off fender lying on the street to the half-burned buildings and decay, that street-shot was just fantastic. You can get a better look at the details in anteka's picspam post on the filming of that episode.

I loved the contrast between futureDean and presentDean-- they sounded different, their body language was different, their faces looked different. The whole episode was an outside POV on Dean, from Dean's own perspective, and that alone was fascinating. Plus, Dean deservedly thought his future self was a dick. What he doesn't seem to realize is that currentDean is also kind of a dick (I don't know why Kripke denies this). CurrentDean's love for his family (slipping away mightily in the last year) and his willingness to be a Hunter to help other people are really his saving graces, because otherwise his outside persona is pretty much a jerk most of the time. FutureDean doesn't even have that going for him. He's single-minded and hard-hearted to the point that you wonder why he even wants to win anymore. Why does he care? It's like he's a robot still running a program from long ago without understanding why.

I don't think the confrontation between Dean and LuciferSam was actually necessary-- it seemed more for style than anything. Dean knowing that Sam let Lucifer in, and that he and Sam never reunited after he rejected Sam's pleas for help, make it clear what the crucial mistake had been that led to that future.

I won't go into futureCastiel much-- I found him kind of depressing. Though futureChuck looked much better cleaned up.

I do hope that Dean never bends to becoming Michael's vessel, because from what we've seen that would likely be the end of Dean forever, and I'd much rather watch a show with Dean in it that one with an archangel wearing a Dean suit. Lucifer wearing Sam would only be all that more appalling.

One of the best things about this episode, strategically speaking, was that it gave us a glimpse of a real, End of Days future without having that be the actual, permanent reality.

If Kripke sticks to that, we could have our cake and eat it too.

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