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03 April 2006 @ 10:44 pm
Prison Break and 24-Ness  

There was both good and bad in tonight's Prison Break. The Lincoln/Michael backstory did not kill me (although Michael crossing the line with Veronica nearly did, and sheesh-- could that woman be dumber?).

Of the bad-- Sara. God, the whole drug addict thing-- why? So stupid and pointless, and I liked her a lot LESS after that. I'm of mixed minds about her running into Bellick at her Meeting-- it's plausible that he'd direct her to that job, AND that she'd just shoot him down the way she did (which made me cringe). Coincidental, but not deadly. And it lays a foundation for later animosity :D

Semi-bad: Lincoln bumping into Sucre in his getaway burst. Just... why? Why even go to that stupid "Lost-motivated" place? Just quit it. It makes your show look like schlock.

Funny: Sucre robbing the SAME liquor store again (dumbass!) and apologizing for it-- and for needing more money this time. Really, it was kind of sweet and so Sucre.

Best parts: Michael telling Lincoln he's tired of being the older brother to Lincoln, the whole Wall-Morphing and a chance to really look at some of the stuff on there, and finding out that Kellerman's been perkyEvil for a very long time. T-Bag's whole creepy story-- AND his manipulative attempts on that poor woman while he was in jail-- that was fantastic. And, on a shallower note, Linc with a hair profile and the beard stubble, ala "Blade Trinity." God, that's a good look for him.

And on the 24 front:
  • What, has the president's wife started taking her meds midway through this day? Her 180 character shift is giving me whiplash.

  • Bro-Prez... still love you. And your dearly-departed brother. Just... smooth for me, a little. Read me the phonebook in your fine-cut suit. And when you're tired, your brother's ghost can take over the talking, and Jack Bauer after that. Really-- I could enjoy this whole show with my eyes shut just listening to these three actors talk.
  • Aaron, you're a buckethead but I secretly love you anyway.
    The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Linc/Michael Angsthalfshellvenus on April 4th, 2006 05:15 pm (UTC)
    A lot of the reaction has been "Michael's such an ass, he's so condescending, what a jerk" with a few people deciding that they really don't like him anymore. Which I was really surprised at, because I thought he seemed very realistic for someone who's been worrying about his brother, who's been watching someone he loves constantly get into trouble, and is fed up with and hurt by it (which we don't exactly have canon evidence for, but that's always been my take on them too)

    Yeah-- Michael's reaction seems very realistic to me. I don't have a problem with it at all, and I get why the repeated frustration over it would make him kind of assy (and there is clearly canon implication that this isn't the first time).

    The problem I have-- and all of you do too-- is that the transition from THAT to MustSaveAtRiskOfOwnLife just makes no sense as shown here. It would have been better to spend some time on the backstory/his transformation, and then build better to the devotedMichael part. By, for instance, chopping out the whole druggieSara backstory ;0 Or the C-Note backstory.

    I mean really, this show is ultimately about the relationship between the brothers. They shouldn't be treated as if they're just incidental parts of an ensemble cast, for crying out loud!
    mooyoo: PB - Breakout gangmooyoo on April 4th, 2006 06:54 pm (UTC)
    the transition from THAT to MustSaveAtRiskOfOwnLife just makes no sense as shown here.

    EXACTLY. I agree, I think they tried to cram way too many stories and too much time into one episode, and a lot of character delevopment was sacrificed. One might ask how much character development can you get out of one episode (when I brought that up at TWOP, someone replied that I should just go with it because it's TV time, which irritated me), but if you want me to believe that Michael went from being furious and resentful of his brother to completely devoted and loving him enought to go to prison for him, you've got to give me more than "He did it to himself." "He did it for you!" "Oh, so he's in there because of me? Now I love him and believe him and have to save him!!" (which, incidentally, I think was a pretty crappy thing for Veronica to say to him - whether or not Lincoln borrowed the money for Michael, he's not in there because of Michael and that's a pretty low blow to make Michael feel guilty for Lincoln's own fairly bone-headed idea to borrow the money).

    Again, I really liked the Sara storyline and think it added a lot to her character, but she was the only one whose story I thought really had a lot of importance and depth to it. I was curious about the whole C-Note pretending he's in Iraq thing, so that was interesting to get an explination for, but we didn't really need it.

    And Sucre was adorable and I love him and his relationship with Maricruz is very cute, but it was absolutely useless in terms of the overall plot of the show or even the overall character. We know he's in prison for robbing a liquor store, we know he loves Maricruz, we know Hector's a jerk. Did we really need to spend all that time one that?

    Same thing goes for T-Bag, although that at least gives us some idea of what he may be going after once he's outside.

    Of all of them, they easily could have cut Sucre's story and it would have made absolutely no difference to the show overall.