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03 April 2006 @ 10:44 pm
Prison Break and 24-Ness  

There was both good and bad in tonight's Prison Break. The Lincoln/Michael backstory did not kill me (although Michael crossing the line with Veronica nearly did, and sheesh-- could that woman be dumber?).

Of the bad-- Sara. God, the whole drug addict thing-- why? So stupid and pointless, and I liked her a lot LESS after that. I'm of mixed minds about her running into Bellick at her Meeting-- it's plausible that he'd direct her to that job, AND that she'd just shoot him down the way she did (which made me cringe). Coincidental, but not deadly. And it lays a foundation for later animosity :D

Semi-bad: Lincoln bumping into Sucre in his getaway burst. Just... why? Why even go to that stupid "Lost-motivated" place? Just quit it. It makes your show look like schlock.

Funny: Sucre robbing the SAME liquor store again (dumbass!) and apologizing for it-- and for needing more money this time. Really, it was kind of sweet and so Sucre.

Best parts: Michael telling Lincoln he's tired of being the older brother to Lincoln, the whole Wall-Morphing and a chance to really look at some of the stuff on there, and finding out that Kellerman's been perkyEvil for a very long time. T-Bag's whole creepy story-- AND his manipulative attempts on that poor woman while he was in jail-- that was fantastic. And, on a shallower note, Linc with a hair profile and the beard stubble, ala "Blade Trinity." God, that's a good look for him.

And on the 24 front:
  • What, has the president's wife started taking her meds midway through this day? Her 180 character shift is giving me whiplash.

  • Bro-Prez... still love you. And your dearly-departed brother. Just... smooth for me, a little. Read me the phonebook in your fine-cut suit. And when you're tired, your brother's ghost can take over the talking, and Jack Bauer after that. Really-- I could enjoy this whole show with my eyes shut just listening to these three actors talk.
  • Aaron, you're a buckethead but I secretly love you anyway.
    mooyoomooyoo on April 4th, 2006 06:12 am (UTC)
    Agreed with everything jewels said. I ranted a bit in one of my episode posts, so I'll just say, yeah, what jewels said.

    With Sara, I've always pretty much liked her (the dumb crap with Nika aside), but I feel like this really helped flesh her out. She's not nearly so one-note to me anymore, not just the idealist daughter of the Gov. It her motivations for working at Fox River, for attaching herself to Michael as "the only guy in here I can reach" more understandable for me, as we can really see why she wants to help these men; it sounds cliched, but she's been there (more or less) and wants to help other people recover as she has.

    I didn't hate this episode, but I didn't like it nearly as much as I thought I would, and wanted to. There were a lot of nice moments and good elements, but overall I was disappointed. CAN'T WAIT for next week, though.