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Catching Up...

The end of the work-week went berserk. It's time for ratings, so you have to prepare your Yearly Statement Of Personal Accomplishments And Awesomeness. This was interrupted by a surprise need for said awesomeness, to help a co-worker figure out how to meet lofty customer needs with the crappy resources he's been given. \o?

Thought I'd get some writing done tonight, but I got sleepy instead, so I caught up on my f-list, dating back to about Thursday. Tomorrow will feature more basketball (Christopher is on a competitive team, and has another game), and possibly some yard/painting work. The 100-degree forecast does not bode well, though.

I'm kind of on the fence about SPN 5x03, despite that wonderful montage of the boys leading their lonely, parallel lives. It reminds me of the montage of bereft-Sam soldiering on alone from 4x11, "Mystery Spot," which beat out the entire episode of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" for showing emotional depth. So much shown, so movingly and succinctly.

I don't much like the canon direction of Sam choosing again and again to "sit out the Apocalypse." It's selfish and short-sighted, and I'd like to think Sam's grown beyond that by now.

But what really bothered me, oddly enough, was Dean's behavior with Castiel. There was the archangel-sassing (how is that ever NOT dumb?), but mostly, it was the idea that the appropriate way to spend Castiel's (possibly) last night alive was to take him to a whorehouse. There's the whole question of it being Jimmy's body (though I think it IS only the body now), but mostly, it just seems incredibly wrong to me, as if being an angel is something that needs to be "fixed." Yes, this is the agnostic talking.

Dean came off like an utter asshole throughout, and I wasn't pleased that Castiel let himself be coerced into that. I wasn't fooled by the talk at the end, though-- Dean's only lying to himself if he thinks he's happier now without Sam, and even HE's not buying it.

Outside the spoiler-space, I can rant about the WTF-ness of transmission problems across the country for this episode. In my area, it was a prolonged blacked-out screen for about 3 minutes. For other people, it was a frozen commercial having a similar effect. Thank goodness for Torrent, because apparently I need rescuing from the fabulousness of Digitial TV on a regular basis now.

Speaking of which... we got our coaxial cable splitter (to install tomorrow, since HSH did not understand the urgency of buying it on Thursday). I've since learned that if I'm going to depend on Hulu for a show, it had better be on the Fox Network, because NBC and CBS will not allow replaying of their episodes. Even at, all you can get is a two-minute "recap" of an episode.

Which means I downloaded The Mentalist last night via Torrent, and I need to hunt down Law&Order: SVU too. I should have watched L&O live and used Hulu for Glee, but who knew? I may be doomed to watching Fringe that way for the coming season, which I wouldn't mind so much if there was a volume booster for PC speakers so I could actually HEAR all the dialogue. *grumps* Never thought I'd be thinking things like, "Oh god, now is not the time to resort to the "velvet" voice, Lance! Speak up!"

On the other hand... I now know which episodes of Better Off Ted to recapture, and which ones I can get off of Hulu if I'm fast enough. Love that show! I seemed to have missed everything after episode 5, due to unpredictable summertime airing, but I plan to remedy that. :)

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