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Working through the to-do list...

Were people at a Con this weekend? It was kind of quiet around LJ, other than lots of activity for kamikazeremix postings.

For the first time in forever, WE didn't go out-of-town or do anything big this past weekend other than Christopher's Saturday morning soccer game. That means I finally got a few things done.

I finished painting the double window frame I'd started last weekend. The original idea was to "touch up" a few areas (where the hardware for the blinds used to be, and some other unexplained gouges). Then I discovered that the painter we hired did NOT use Kelley Moore's Swiss Coffee in painting the window trim the first time, but used someone else's paint instead. So the "touch up" colors didn't match. Grrrrr! Extra work for me. :(

I finished painting a couple of Goodwill picture frames, now awaiting new contents, and also a small decorative shelf and iron angel doorknocker (I used primer-only on those-- it looks fine). That means I'm getting control of some of the laundry room back (yay!), and can finish decorating the back bathroom.

I finished writing the letter to the family of our former babysitter (the girl who was killed last month). Everyone signed it, and it's in the mail now. I hope it brings some small comfort to her family, knowing that other people loved her and miss her too.

I also wrangled through all of my health care reimbursement claims for 2009, thus far. Wading through the quantity of it all (going back to January), and dealing with Kaiser's evil billing-system-of-mystery was what had kept me from it so long. But it's all up to date now-- four different submissions, about 3300 dollars total, and now I need to see what (if anything) remains in the account for 2009. That'll determine what kind of payment deal to work out with Lauren's orthodontist in this calendar year, and stretch into next year. GEEZ what a pain.

We watched Night At The Museum (better than I expected), tried to watch more of The Wire (5 episodes in and we don't really like it. Might bail), and a couple of episodes of Burn Notice S3.

Did I mention that my home PC crashed back in early July, and that the hard disk is unrecoverably dead? I lost virtually all of the 2008 family photos (the other years are at or were still on the photo memory card), which was a terrible blow. Losing my fic archive was less painful-- I'd backed it up about a year ago, so now I'm slowly copying down everything after that point from LJ. All my "in progress" stuff was copied off onto the other computer, thank goodness. But I lost all the downloads that were on that older PC too, namely S4 of Supernatural, S2 of Reaper, and the S3 Burn Notice episodes we intended to watch.

So I've had to re-download the latter, and the only stuff available right now has French subtitles. Vraiment! But that's actually entertaining in a wholly unexpected way. :D

Oh, and, I missed the season premiere of Glee! I knew something would sneak past. Was it a new episode, or a repeat of the Pilot?

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