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02 September 2009 @ 06:22 pm
What I Wrote In July And August...  
Worked a lot on my first Sweet Charity story during the last two months, and it's finally nearing completion. That is to say, thank goodness for birthdays or I might not have finished anything else!

August was horrifically busy and stressful, and I was lucky to write much of anything. I expect September to be a little smoother.

No Prison Break Fiction in the last two months (but 3 in June). However, a Michael/Lincoln story is almost ready to post. Watch this space...

Supernatural Gen:
Putting Away Childish Things (PG, Pre-Series, Wee!Chesters) - Dean's birthday is coming, and it can't get here fast enough.
Vagabond Highway (PG, Pre-Series to Pilot) - Sam never really belonged, not anywhere, but that didn't mean he'd ever stop trying.
A Critic In Every Corner (Dean vs. Castiel Humor, PG) - For Dean, any day involving Castiel can feel like judgment day.

Verti-practi-cality (Pre-Series, PG, Humor) - Drabble on Duck.
Bozo Hair, Big Shoes, And Bad, Bad Things (Pre-Series, Humor, PG) - One kid's fun is another kid's phobia…
Slowly Drifting Toward Solid (4x22 codette, PG) - Dean has never been so lost…
Office Adventures (PG) (4x17, "It's A Terrible Life") – Weird beats predictable any day of the week.
Measuring Manliness (PG, Humor) - Men and their obsessions, so typical…

Supernatural Het:
Transfiguration (Dean/Anna, PG-13, Drabble) - Inside impossible contradictions, Dean finds a new truth.

Supernatural Slash:
Seeking Harbor Against The Coming Storm (R) (Sam/Dean, post-4x22) - Even after a lifetime of uncertainties, things are less knowable now than ever.

But This Will Always Find You (PG-13) (Sam/Dean, S1 Drabble) - Dean notices Sam's every little detail, but he's not about to cross that line.
Instantaneous Ignition (PG-13) (Sam/Dean) - Heated glances set off their own kind of fireworks.
Something Like A Fetish (R) (Sam/Dean) – Sam's Hands Are A Distraction…

Die Hard 4: Number 01 With A Bullet (John/Matt Slash, PG-13) - A lesson in skill and distraction.
The True Meaning Of Smekday Fiction: Stories Of The Smekland Peoples: Smekdays Of Old (PG) A story to entertain J Lo the Boov while Tip is busy…