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I've weddinged, I've caked, and thank goodness it's September

Welcome back to all the SPN Con-goers! I'm sure you had a great time, and I hope to catch up on your reports in the next few days.

My niece's wedding re-enactment went well (the bride was gorgeous, and the groom very handsome in his navy uniform), with a great slideshow that my SIL made and a mercifully brief ceremony. We enjoyed the reception very much, which included everyone but my husband (too sick to go on Saturday) and my parents (who rushed back home for a job that fell through and alienated a bunch of relatives, but that's another story). The kids were not eager to go, Christopher because he somehow thought he'd rather be playing soccer ALL day in the 100-degree heat instead of just the two games he made it to (seeding tournament), and Lauren because she didn't want to get dressed up. They both had a terrific time, as it turned out, and even admitted it later. ;)

Sadly, my pictures of the event did NOT turn out so well. I almost brought one of the kids' cameras, but we were late leaving already, thanks to my having to nag the kids to get ready every other minute. MY camera is only 6.5 years old, and it was great when it was new! Now it eats batteries non-stop, and so my first few pictures were a little blurry and a lot of the whites are pink (!), and after getting some batteries from my BIL a lot of pictures were ruined by the flash not going off. Basically, the thing takes too long to "get going," and as the batteries get weaker and weaker it has to really "make up its mind" about whether to take the picture or not. Gah.

Christopher caught the garter. Again. This is the third time in a row—we haven't been able to convince him that it's not like catching a touchdown pass! I told him that tradition says the person catching the garter will be the next man to get married. So this conversation ensued:

Aunt Paula: Christopher, will you marry me? Please, Christopher, marry me!
Christopher: (*makes weird faces*) No—you didn't catch the bouquet.
Me: It's not a match-making ceremony!

We left the reception when I realized it was 7:00 already (it's an hour's drive back to Sacramento), and HSH was feeling better by the time we returned (better than the days spent on the sofa with a just-in-case bowl).

Mid-afternoon on Sunday, I took the kids to see my MIL. She hasn't been doing well lately, I think I've mentioned. I'd hoped to take her out to breakfast on Sunday, but she collapsed midweek, and wasn't up to leaving the apartment. She's very tired these days, and we're all worried that it's getting near the end for her. It was SO nice to visit with her for awhile- it had been too long for me, what with being up in Oregon and then having every single one of my few unplanned weekend days this month hijacked by someone from the Bay Area coming to see her. I was afraid I wasn't going to get the chance, and will go again this weekend if she's still with us.

To sum up, I didn't have as interesting or "fun" a weekend as I would have had at the SPN Con, but I had a good weekend and definitely did some much more important things in the long-term. No regrets there.

Side note: for those of you who know I make 'fantasy cakes' for the kids' birthdays, there wasn't anything to show for Lauren this year (no theme, and she wanted the guests to decorate their own pieces). Christopher, though, gave his approval for a Pinball Cake, and when I when shopping for the remaining supplies at Dollar Tree, I found some marshmallow circus creatures that led to this final creation:

I had originally planned to use giant gumdrops (spice-drops) as the "rebounding posts" (I have no idea what those are actually called). But once I found the circus creatures, I used mini chocolate donuts instead, and frosted them. The bumpers are shaped Rice Krispy treats, and some of the other contours are either that or shaped cake pieces (bleh—even when you freeze the cake, it crumbs up the frosting), or Kit-Kats.

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